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1/4oz Gold Lion Queens Beast



    Quarter ounce Gold Lion Beast

    This is a brand-new bullion finish coin, issued by the Royal Mint. Coins will be packaged loose for small quantities and orders of 25 or more may come in Royal Mint tubes.

    If you’d like to further protect your coins, we offer coin capsules that fit perfectly.

    The Queen’s Beasts bullion range are issued by The Royal Mint and took their inspiration from Her Majesty’s coronation where the 10 heraldic beasts stood guard.

    They celebrate Queen Elizabeth II becoming our longest-reigning monarch. The lion beast was the first of the series to be released back in March 2016. Unusually, the Royal Mint has released two coins per year rather than just the standard annual issue. The Lion was followed by the Griffin beast in the autumn of 2016, the Dragon and Unicorn in 2017, and the Black Bull in the spring of 2018.  All the coins are issued in 1oz and quarter-ounce versions, and also 2oz silver queen’s beast coins.

    Each coin is struck in ¼ oz of fine (999.9) gold and have a face value of £25. The coins are also unusual because both the reverse and the obverse contain designs by Jody Clark. Most Royal Mint coins feature front and back designs by different artists. Using one designer for these coins provides a strong consistency in design

    This coin is CGT exempt as it is UK legal tender.

    Our expert opinion

    The 1/4oz Lion Beast coin provides a more limited issue alternative to the Sovereign coin. The Lion Beast contains 0.25oz of gold compared to 0.2354oz for the Sovereign so prices are similar. For those who already own Sovereigns, the quarter oz gold beasts appeal as they act as both investment and collectors coins. They’re produced to bullion finish so premiums are minimised when compared to proof finish coins. Their modest size affords the luxury of affordability and divisibility, which should never be underestimated. The face value qualifies the coin as legal tender and therefore any profits when selling is exempt from Capital Gains Tax.

    Advantage of a collection

    As part of a limited issue collection, the Lion beast coin, along with the others in the series will become more scarce as the year of issue passes, increasing premiums and profits. We’ve already seen some of the 1oz beasts trading at huge premiums over the more standard 1oz Britannia gold coin. We’ve found the whole series to have strong demand from investors who realise their upside potential and those seeking to own at least one coin of each of the ten in the collection. Other coins to consider are the Royal Mint’s Lunar series which tick similar boxes of collectable investment coins, with a slant towards the Chinese market.