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1/4oz Gold Unicorn Queens Beast



    1/4oz Gold Unicorn

    This is a brand new gold bullion coin issued by The Royal Mint. Coins are in mint condition and will be packed loose for small orders or may come in tubes of 25 for larger orders. If you wish to protect your coins individually, we sell 22.5mm acrylic coin capsules. If you’d like to appreciate your coins in a presentation case, this luxury box fits 10 coins perfectly. The coin is struck in 999.9 purity gold to bullion finish and weighs a quarter of a troy ounce.

    The coin has a face value of £25, deeming it legal tender in the UK, and therefore qualifies for tax-free status.

    The front of this stunning coin features the familiar 5th portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, designed by artist Jody Clark. The reverse is where the coin really stands out. Unusually for the Royal Mint, they’ve commissioned the designer for both sides of the coin. Usually, a different artist is used for each side. This creates a noticeable design consistency with the Queen’s Beast series. The design itself is of The Unicorn of Scotland rearing up onto its hind legs and a shield of the Scottish coat of arms.

    The Unicorn is the 4th in the acclaimed Queen’s Beasts series of 10, each a reimagining of the heraldic statues that lined the entrance of Westminster Abbey in 1953 at the coronation of Her Majesty The Queen.

    Each is inspired by ancient symbols of power and identity. The quarter-ounce Unicorn, follows the Lion of England, Griffin of Edward III and the Dragon of Wales. The quarter-ounce coin is an exact replica of the larger 1oz gold Unicorn. The Queen’s Beast series is also produced in 999.9 fine silver and is remarkable itself as the first series of 2oz silver coins produced by The Royal Mint.

    Our Expert Opinion

    The 1/4 oz Unicorn gold coin is a great alternative to buying Sovereigns due to its comparable size, weight and gold content. While they cost more per gram, they appeal to the collectable gold coin market as well as the gold investment market. With it being part of a ten coin series and being minted in far smaller numbers than Sovereign coins, the premiums on the Queens Beasts coins are likely to rise faster. Being a quarter the size of the one-ounce coin affords the buyer more flexibility to sell small parts of their portfolio. If you like the idea of the Queens Beast series but want to pay less per gram, then the 1oz versions are a good bet, and if you want to combine these with the lowest premium tax-free coins of all, then buying gold Britannias as well will achieve this.