<p>Definitive Insider’s guide to gold and silver investment</p>

Definitive Insider’s guide to gold and silver investment

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Sell Gold and Silver

If you’re looking to sell gold or silver coins or bars, then we’re as happy to buy as we are to sell. We guarantee to buy back any gold or silver that we sold to you and we’ll also give you an offer price on coins, if you bought elsewhere, depending on stock levels. Prices on this page act as a guide only. Call us to confirm as we may pay more if your coin is a specific year or type.

1. Find an indicative Price Below for your metals

2. Call us to confirm the price when you’re ready to sell

3. Download, complete and email the appropriate Selling Form, if we’re storing your metals

4. Send the Goods to our special numismatic address – provided on the confirmation email

5. We verify your metals and pay you directly into your account.


Indicative prices

NameGuide price each
Full Sovereigns£217.31
Half Sovereigns£110.36
1oz Britannia£923.17
½ oz Britannia£468.83
¼ Britannia£234.42
Other 1oz coins£918.34
NameGuide price each
NameGuide price each
1oz Britannia£12.15
1oz Maple Leaf£12.15
1oz Philharmonic£12.15
Other 1oz coins£12.02
NameGuide price each


What is the price based on?

Our prices are based on the underlying metal prices at the time, combined with a number of other factors listed below; Certainly, when you buy gold or silver you should also be considering how you will eventually sell it, to maximise your profits. Just like when you buy a house, the easier that asset is to sell, the better price you’ll get for it. That’s why we focus on selling only the most liquid gold and silver.

Factors to consider:

  • Type of Gold or silver – Bars, bullion coins, proof gold, numismatic coins, collectors coins, gold dust, gold nuggets
  • Variety of coin – a liquid coin, rare coin
  • Condition of gold or silver
  • General market conditions and liquidity

At Physical Gold Ltd we only buy and sell investment grade gold. We will NOT buy or sell gold jewellery, gold dust or gold nuggets. Our aim is to help you to receive the best profits possible on your investment, which is why we only sell well-recognised, liquid coins and bars.

Similarly, we’re always happy to buy back the coins featured within our bullion coins page at market rate. We will generally pay a premium for proof gold coins.

The price you receive for your gold will depend on the type of coin. Obscure coins may be difficult to sell on, which will affect the price offered. Seeking guidance from your dealer when buying your coins will prevent you from being stuck with difficult to sell gold or silver.

It goes without saying that if you keep your metals in good condition it will fetch a better price. A general rule of thumb is to stick with 22-carat coins, as these are far more resilient to scratches and wear than their 24-carat cousins. A dealer’s price will always be influenced by the condition of the gold, as they’ll be looking to sell that coin or bar on. Treat your metals with care.

You may see a slight variance in the offer prices you receive depending on the general metals market conditions. If a dealer feels the prices are set to rise they’re likely to bid more aggressively for your gold and silver!