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When it comes to investing in gold, your profits will depend on when you buy and sell gold and getting the best price for your assets. At Physical Gold we offer a buyback guarantee on any purchase you make from us assuring all of our customers that they can cash in their investment quickly and easily using the same trusted UK gold dealer.

You can also sell gold to us that we haven’t sold to you. However, owing to the fact that we only offer products of the highest quality we cannot guarantee to buy from you if we did not sell your gold to you.

We do not buy gold platted items. We do buy gold bullion, gold bars and gold coins – including rare and historical coins, and gold jewellery or gold decorative items, and gold jewellery or gold decorative items.

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Indicative gold selling prices

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Name Guide price each
Full Sovereigns £8.79
Half Sovereigns £4.39
1oz Britannia £37.33
½ oz Britannia £18.66
¼ Britannia £9.33
Other 1oz coins £36.56
Name Guide price each
5g £6.06
10g £12.12
20g £24.25
1oz £37.71
50g £60.62
100g £121.24
500g £606.22
1kg £1,212.44
Gold 9ct 10ct 14ct 15ct 18ct 20ct 21ct 22ct 900 Fine
Indicative Price Per Gram £0.45 £0.50 £0.70 £0.75 £0.90 £1.00 £1.05 £1.10 £1.08 £1.20
Indicative Price Per Ounce £14.00 £15.53 £21.84 £23.33 £28.00 £31.10 £32.66 £34.19 £33.60 £38.28


We offer a buyback guarantee when we sell gold to our customers. We can provide the best prices because we know the provenance of the pieces that we have sold to you and, when it comes to gold that is stored with us, we can offer a faster release of your funds because we hold the paperwork on your behalf. With buyback guarantee, investors know that they can always sell the gold they have purchased at the best market prices.
If you want to sell gold bars, coins or bullions then we can offer a good price on your assets. With access to exclusive trade markets, we can provide a valuation of your investment gold and liquidate your investments quickly and efficiently. For a valuation on your gold holding you can see the indicative gold prices on our price charts and contact us for a more comprehensive offer. When you come to sell gold coins, our team of trained and professional numismatists will qualify your gold holding, taking into account the condition of the piece as well as its authenticity.
sell gold
Sell gold bars for the best prices with Physical Gold.

When you decide to sell gold bars, whether you have purchased them through us or not and whether we store them for you or not, we can offer competitive prices. As a skilled dealer in gold, we have access to dedicated trade lines that allow us to secure excellent prices for your gold bars.

Gold that has been stored with us can be identified quickly and released using our metal sales form allowing you instant access to the cash from your investment.

sell gold and silver bullion coins
You can sell gold coins back to Physical Gold with our buyback guarantee. Image via Calgary Reviews Flickr.

Physical Gold is a member of the British Numismatic Trade Association (BNTA), and as such we are obliged to operate within their strict rule of ethics. Our team of numismatists are skilled professionals who are trained to identify and value coins of all ages, provenance and background. They will authenticate your gold coins and validate their condition to provide you with the best offer. Based on the prevailing price of gold, plus the market conditions for specific gold coins, your valuation is unique to your gold holding and is valid for a limited time. If you chose to sell your gold through Physical Gold then we can arrange prompt payment to release your equity from your assets.

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Coins stored with us take less time as we can more readily establish the condition and provenance, updating your valuation to take account of any change in the price of gold since you deposited or purchased your coins with us.

If your gold is stored with us then the sale process is straightforward. You will need to complete a metals sales form if you wish to sell gold that we store on your behalf. As you are the legal owner, we require a signature in order to move your allocation to our general section of the vaults. Once the paperwork has been processed we can quickly release the cash to your account. You can liquidate part or all of your gold holding at any time.
People decide to sell gold from their portfolio for many reasons from raising instant cash to taking advantage of a rise in the price of gold or a change in investment strategy. Whatever your reasons for liquidating some or all of your gold holding, we can make the process straightforward. Not only securing the best price based on prevailing market conditions but also as efficiently as possible.

Some investors choose to sell part of their gold holding to further diversify their existing portfolio by transferring from coins to bars or bullion or investing in silver instead. We are not financial advisors but we can provide you with access to our comprehensive insights which include gold & silver investment tips, advice and market news to help you reach a decision about when to sell gold.



You can sell silver and gold to Physical Gold, particularly if you have purchased this through us, including silver bullion, silver coins and silver bars.

sell gold bars with physical gold
You can sell gold bars through Physical Gold as long as they meet an investment grade assay. Image via istara, Pixabay.


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