Tax Year End 2017: But Gold has no annual limit

tax year end

With the tax year end upon us, now’s the time that many take a hard look at their finances and make investment decisions for the following year. But if you’re one of the savvy investors already owning physical gold, then you’ll know buying gold and silver aren’t affected by the tax deadline.

Tax year end brings a fresh start

But, if your money is currently in an ISA or savings account then the tax year end might have you rethinking your investments and considering gold (or silver).

If you’re one of the thousands of investors wanting to move your money around, to reduce your tax exposure and maximise your gains, this article will provide insight into some important tax considerations, which every investor should know about.

ISAs are limited tax-free investments

Many investors just think of ISAs as tax-free investments, when in reality, take the testthey’re limited tax-free investments – meaning there’s an upper limit to how much you can save. And from April, that limit will be £20,000 maximum, but you can’t roll over any unused portion to the next year, so you have to use it or lose it.

Regular savings accounts are taxed

If your money is in an old fashioned, regular savings account, you’ll be charged a tax on any interest it generates. This makes a savings account quite unappealing for those who’ve already maxed out their ISAs. Especially with most interest rates currently yielding sub-1% even before tax!

Capital Gains Taxes on assets you sell

If you’re looking into selling an asset or Buy-to-Let property that you own, you’ll likely end up paying Capital Gains Tax on the profits of that sale. This is especially true for those who’ve already reached their CGT allowance for the year.

The lifetime allowance could affect your pension

The lifetime allowance, which was previously reduced from £1.25 million to £1 million, is a limit on the value of payments on your pension and could affect many people who’ve already reached this new allowance total. If you’ve saved into your pension throughout your working life, you could already be at this limit and you’ll be taxed heavier than in previous years.

UK Gold Coins have no CGT and no VAT

Physical gold has always been a worthy investment and a great addition to any PHYS01_Animated_Gif_2_MPUportfolio, due to there being no upper limit on how much gold you can purchase in a year and it being a CGT and VAT free investment.

If you want to consider an investment that will appreciate tax free, then take a look at our tax free gold coins (including the 2017 Gold Sovereign and the Dragon Queen’s Beast) or our VAT free Silver. even offers the opportunity to add gold to your SIPP to achieve a balanced portfolio.

So if you’re looking for an investment that will help you diversify and protect your assets, whilst avoiding CGT and VAT, you can’t go wrong with Physical Gold.

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