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Is ID required when buying gold and silver?

Buying gold or silver online is similar to buying anything else online.

Small purchases of gold and silver do not require any ID when purchasing. The trigger for requiring ID is a single purchase of £10,000 or more, or cumulative purchases totaling £10,000+ in any one year. The important points to note are:

  • ID is NOT used to report the purchase to Government bodies or keep a tally of who has bought what
  • Buyer’s ID is NOT shared with any 3rd party.

The requirement for ID is primarily to satisfy anti money-laundering regulations, basically proving the money is actually yours and that gold is being used as a vehicle to launder illegal money. ID is also used for our own internal anti-fraud checks, and Physical Gold reserve the right to request ID on any transaction size.

What ID is required and how do I submit it?

Physical Gold has teamed up with leading identity verification software company Credas to make ID provision quick, easy and 100% secure. Verification takes just a few minutes.

  • Download the Credas App to your smartphone (you can remove it afterwards if you like)
  • You’ll receive an email with a unique code to enter
  • Take a selfie on the app
  • Scan an ID document
  • Submit to finish

Advantages of using the Credas app

  • No need to find a proof of address dated in the past 3 months
  • No need to send sensitive documents on email. The Credas app is 100% secure. Your ID isn’t stored anywhere
  • Your ID isn’t stored anywhere

What if I haven’t got a smart phone?

Don’t worry, we’re able to accept photocopies of two forms of ID:

  • Passport OR driving license
  • Proof of address, dated in the past 3 months

Gold Information

Live Gold Spot Price in Sterling. Gold is one of the densest of all metals. It is a good conductor of heat and electricity. It is also soft and the most malleable and ductile of the elements; an ounce (31.1 grams; gold is weighed in troy ounces) can be beaten out to 187 square feet (about 17 square metres) in extremely thin sheets called gold leaf.

Silver Information

Live Silver Spot Price in Sterling. Silver (Ag), chemical element, a white lustrous metal valued for its decorative beauty and electrical conductivity. Silver is located in Group 11 (Ib) and Period 5 of the periodic table, between copper (Period 4) and gold (Period 6), and its physical and chemical properties are intermediate between those two metals.