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Congo Silverback Gorilla 1oz Silver (2019)


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    Weight 31.1035 g

    Congo Silverback Gorilla coin

    This is a 1oz silver bullion coin produced by Scottsdale Mint as a legal currency coin of Barbados. With a face value of 5,000 Congalese Francs, this limited issue silver coin (75,000 pieces) is a departure for Scottsdale from their renowned striking silver bars. % coin orders come in a cardboard set, with boxes for orders of 125 coins.
    Each silver coin is minted to 999 purity silver and contains an ounce (31.103g) of silver. Each coin comes in its own plastic capsule.

    Silverback Gorilla

    First released by Scottsdale in 2015, the Silverback Gorilla series is an annually updated 1oz silver coin. Each year the Gorilla image is updated to refresh the look of the coin and appeal to the silver coin collectors.
    The obverse features the Congolese Eastern Lowland Silverback Gorilla image. Arguably the Congo’s most famous fauna, the Gorilla roams the forest near the border with Rwanda.
    The coin reverse displays the Republic of Congo crest.