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10 oz Queen's Beasts White Lion Silver Coin (2021)



    10oz Silver White Lion Queen’s Beast

    This is a brand new 10oz silver bullion coin issued by The Royal Mint. Coins are issued in plastic capsules or 15 per box for bulk orders. Produced to high purity of 999.9, the huge 10oz White Lion Queen’s Beasts contains 311.03 grams of silver. Like the rest of the 10oz versions of the popular Queen’s Beast silver series, the White Lion features a face value of £10, double that of it’s smaller 2oz version. Like all the British coins with a face value, the White Lion Beast qualifies as legal tender in the UK, making it free from Capital Gains Tax.

    Our expert opinion

    Buying Queen’s Beasts coins when they’re launched is a great strategy to create enhanced profits. Premiums on the coins start off moderate, but with limited production quantities, premiums soon rise quickly. Many of the previously launched coins in the series are now trading at much higher levels than massed produced bullion coins.

    The coin’s appeal for silver collectors is clear, the coins are issued in 2oz and 10oz versions, across gold and silver, and have 10 different beasts to collect. The massive size of this 10oz coin provides massive bragging rights and certainly offers a satisfyingly heavy piece of metal.

    Being issued from the Royal Mint, guarantees the quality of the coins, ease when looking to sell due to their reputation, and just as importantly, tax free profits.