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Silver Britannia 1oz Coin Monster Box



    Silver Britannia Monster Box

    This is a brand new Royal Mint box containing 500 x 1oz Silver Britannia coins. Each box contains 20 official Royal Mint tubes of 25 x 1oz silver coins. This is the ideal choice for serious silver investors, seeking value, liquidity, tax efficiency and easy stacking for storage.

    Each 999.0 fineness silver coin contains 1 Troy oz of silver. The silver Britannia benefits from a £2 face value, qualifying the coin as legal tender. All UK legal tender coins are Capital Gains tax free for UK residents, deeming any profits made upon sale as tax free.

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    Now in its 25th year of issuance, the Silver Britannia has established itself as the number one choice for UK silver investors, seeking value, divisibility, liquidity and tax efficiency.

    Britannia coin design

    The Royal Mint has stuck with the same design of Britannia as the previous year on the reverse of the coin. Despite several designs being featured during the past two decades, the current standing Britannia, by artist Philip Nathan, harps back to one of the original depictions of Britannia. The female warrior dressed in flowing garments, holding aloft a trident and shield, also presents an olive branch. The design is said to be the embodiment of the British Isles itself. The main image sits nicely on a radial design, including both for aesthetics and anti-forgery measures. Below the image is engraved the artist name ‘NATHAN’. Details around the bold edging confirm the name of the coin, year of issuance, weight, purity and metal.

    Britannia obverse

    The coin’s obverse features the well-recognised current (and fifth) portrait of Queen Elizabeth, by renowned designer Jody Clark, the youngest person ever to have the honour of depicting the queen’s portrait for coinage. First introduced in 2015, this image captures the Queen at the age of 88 and features her wearing the King George IV State Diadem. This is a crown which was made for King George in 1820 but is now worn for coronation processions and state openings of Parliament. No space is wasted, with an attractive dimpled background, familiar to a previous couple of coin incarnations. Writing around the edge confirms the face value, monarch and the wording ‘D G REG F D’, abbreviated Latin, translating to ‘By the grace of God, Queen’ and ‘Defender of the Faith’.

    Our expert opinion

    Once again, the Britannia silver 1oz coin will be our best selling 1oz silver bullion coin, and for good reason. The mass-produced bullion finish coin grants a low entry point into the market for those starting off, but attractive quantity price discounts allow great value for the more serious investor. Its CGT free nature appeals to those who anticipate big price increases in silver and want to be efficient with their profits.