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30g China Panda Silver Coin 2018



    30g Silver China Panda

    This is a silver bullion coin issued each year by the China Gold Coin Corp. These coins are much sought after by collectors.
    The silver coin is struck in 30g of 999 fine silver rather than 1oz and has a face value of 10 Yuan. The metric weight is unusual for a bullion coin as most are still minted in imperial measurements. The change from 1oz occurred in 2016 when it is thought the Chinese Mint changed to a metric system.
    The obverse contains an image of the Temple of Heaven and the reverse contains a rare Panda.
    This Panda design changes every year. For the 2018 design, the Panda is featured holding a bamboo shoot.

    Our Expert Opinion

    The Silver Panda benefits from a loyal customer base who seek to own the various panda designs. Due to the annual design update, the coin enjoys a strong bid from the silver collector market. As an investment, the coin can benefit from this indirect demand and ever-changing panda design. We think the coins are delightful and the Panda is a globally accepted depiction of China and its heritage.
    If owning the various non-UK silver coins is a motivation, then Panda can be a great addition when combined with 1oz silver coins such as the Canadian Maple Leaf, American Eagle and Austrian Philharmonic. All these coins are world-renowned and trade well anywhere in the world.
    If pure silver investment is the main objective, then combining the silver Panda with UK silver coins such as the silver Britannia is an ideal mix. The Britannia is a mass-produced bullion coin, so premiums are minimal, but its real benefit is that they’re tax free. As legal tender in the UK, any capital gains made upon selling UK coins are free from tax.