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2022 Little John Myths & Legends 1oz Gold Coin



    2022 Little John Myths & Legends 1oz Gold coin

    This is a brand new 1oz gold bullion coin. Produced by the Royal Mint to complete a 3-coin collectible mini-series based on Robin Hood. The first two coins in the Myths and Legend collection were Robin Hood himself, followed by a coin adorning Maid Marian.

    Each coin is minted to 999.9 purity gold, containing 1 troy ounce of 24-carat gold. Coins will arrive in official tubes for orders in multiples of ten. Like the other 1oz gold coins in the series, the Little John coin possesses a face value of £100, qualifying the coin as legal tender – meaning any profits made when selling the coins in the future are completely free from Capital Gains Tax. The Royal Mint has produced these coins to bullion finish, deeming them ideal for investment due to their lower production cost.

    Little John 1oz Gold coin

    Celebrating the legend of Robin Hood, this is the 3rd and final coin in the initial series, featuring Little John, the trusted and reliable companion of Robin Hood.

    The reverse of the coin features the folklore character Little John, the most trusted and reliable of the famous archer’s merry men. He’s pictured clutching his staff, ready for battle, with a background of Sherwood Forest.

    Our Expert Opinion

    Snap these fantastic coins up while you can. Whether you purchase one coin as part of the full set, buy the different precious metal versions, or buy higher quantities for investment, make sure you do it while stocks last. While the Little John gold coin completes the 3-coin mini-series, we would expect the Royal Mint to release further collections based on other British folklore.

    Coins in the similar Queen’s Beasts series have sold out quickly with premiums rising significantly as gold coin collectors seek difficult to obtain coins. Premiums when first released tend to be low, offering a small window of opportunity to lock in incredible value.

    Like the gold Britannia, the Myths & Legends coins are expected to be popular for gold investors due to their tax-free status for UK investors.