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1oz Gold Falcon Queen's Beast



    Falcon Queens Beast Gold Coin

    Continuing the popular new Queen’s Beast Royal Mint series, the Falcon Queens Beast 1oz Gold bullion coin is the sixth of ten. After the initial launch in 2016 of the Lion Queens Beast, the Dragon and Griffin in 2017 and the Unicorn and Black Bull in 2018, the Falcon of Plantagenets is the first coin for 2019. The Royal Mint plan to continue launching the 10-part series, with two issues per year up to 2020, with the final single issue of the White Horse of Hannover in 2021.

    This is a brand-new bullion finish coin, issued by the Royal Mint. Coins will be packaged loose for small quantities and may come in Royal Mint tubes for orders of 10 or more.

    If you would like to protect your coins further, these coin capsules fit perfectly.

    Coin design

    As with the other coins is the Queens Beasts series, both the obverse and reverse are designed by Jody Clark, lending an air of consistency to the coin. The latest Queen Elizabeth portrait adorns the front, standing proud on a detailed dimpling background. The reverse of the coin features the impressive Falcon of Plantagenets design, The falcon perches on a shield depicting another falcon sat on a fetterlock. Representing the House of Plantagenets, the falcon has long been a heraldic symbol of not on this famous royal house but also houses of York, Lancaster and Tudor.

    The background to the main image is a fine mesh effect with surrounding text confirming the heraldic beast, gold purity and year of issue.

    Our expert opinion

    We highly recommend this coin as it ticks all the boxes. With a face value of £100, it qualifies as legal tender, and is therefore a tax free gold coin. With its limited issue size, and being part of a 10 part series, it appeals not only to the investment market but also to golds coin collectors. With premiums sky rocketing on many of the previous Queens Beast series of coins, buying and holding this coin may provide fruitful regardless of the underlying gold price.