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1oz Gold Lunar Dog 2018



    2018 1oz Gold Lunar Dog Coin

    The Gold Lunar Dog is the fifth Lunar design in the Royal Mint’s Shengxiao Collection.

    This is a bullion finish coin, issued by the Royal Mint. Coins will be packaged loose for small quantities and orders of 10 or more may come in Royal Mint tubes.

    If you would like to protect your coins further, these coin capsules fit perfectly.

    This is a 1oz Gold Bullion Coin and contains 1 troy ounce of fine gold.

    The coin is designed by artist Wuon-Gean Ho and features a terrier on one side with the inscription ‘Year of the Dog 2018’ and the obverse has the fifth portrait of Queen Elizabeth II by Jody Clark.

    Each coin also incorporates the number 8, which is a lucky number in Chinese tradition.

    The face value of this coin is £100 and there is a limited mintage of 8,888 coins. As this coin is legal UK tender, it is not liable to Capital Gains Tax on any profits made from its sale.

    If you’re interested in buying silver coins too, the Lunar Dog is also issued as a silver bullion coin.

    Watch our educational YouTube video – “Understanding the gold price per oz”

    2018 Year of the Dog

    Following on from the year of the Fire Rooster, the Chinese year of the Dog will start on February 16th 2018 and will end on February 4th 2019.

    The Dog is the 11th zodiac sign of the 12 in the Chinese cycle.

    People who are born under this sign are seen as having excellent manners, make and keep friends easily, work hard, are very romantic and make loyal partners.

    Each Chinese zodiac year is also associated with an element and 2018 is Earth. This makes 2018 an Earth Dog Year.

    The other elements are metal, wood, water and fire.

    Our Expert Opinion

    The Gold Lunar Dog ticks virtually every box for investors and collectors alike.

    The Royal Mint has become far savvier over the past 5 years in coming up with fantastic new coin concepts which they know will hold global demand. For coin collectors, the coin appeals as its mintage are extremely limited and it is part of a 12-part set. The fact that the coin is made from 24-carat gold rather than the Mint’s previously preferred purity of 22 carats (featured on the Sovereign and pre-2013 Britannias), means the Gold Lunar Series will receive huge demand from Asia who obsesses over 999.9 purity gold. With the theme combining the Chinese zodiac with the British monarch, the ever-growing Chinese market will snap up these coins.

    Gold investors will also benefit from a limited issue and global appeal. The fact that the coins have a face value and therefore qualify as UK legal tender, will also provide tax efficiency for those seeking a cost-effective investment. If you’re looking for tax-free coins at the lowest possible purchase price, rather than considering the possible enhanced upside potential a limited issue coin presents, then buying Gold Britannias can achieve this.