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2019 1oz Gold Krugerrand



    1oz Gold Krugerrand 2019

    The Krugerrand remains one of the most popular coins for investors and collectors alike and the 2019 issue of the Krugerrand, minted by the South African Mint, will be as popular as ever.

    The 2019 issue has the familiar portrait of Paul Kruger, the president of the old South African Republic, on its obverse.

    The reverse features a Springbok Antelope with the coin’s weight and the year of minting.

    Each coin contains 1 Troy ounce of 916.7 Fine Gold (91.67% pure). There is a small amount of copper added to these coins and this is what gives it its distinctive colour.

    Our Expert Opinion

    The Krugerrand gold coin is an absolute classic. It was the first real bullion coin to target the investment market with its straightforward offering of 1oz of gold content. This simple proposition struck a chord with the growing worldwide gold market, enabling the Krugerrand to become the most widely bought bullion coin in the world. Due to its established reputation and reach, the second-hand liquidity of the coin is unrivalled, with strong demand for the coin in every corner of the earth. As a physical tradeable gold coin, the Krugerrand offers remarkable consistency. They never seem to go out of fashion, despite hundreds of new 24 carat coins hitting the market and beautifully designed limited issue and commemorative coins.

    As well as fetching strong resale values, buying Krugerrands is also cheap. Unlike lower production coins from other mints, the mass-produced Kruger commands very reasonable premiums. However, if you’re not fussed about owning a brand new coin, and simply want as much gold as possible for your money, then the best value pre-owned Krugerrands offer lower prices again.

    If you’re a UK based investor, another consideration may be to combine the Krugerrand with the UK one ounce coin, the Britannia. Buying gold Britannia coins is popular due to the added benefit of being Capital Gains Tax free. This may not be significant if you’re only buying a handful of coins, but for larger investments, or if you feel the market could really propel upwards, then protection from CGT is worth contemplating. The Kruger and Britannia offer similar benefits in that they’re both great value and fantastically liquid, which is apt considering the UK coin was modelled on the Kruger in an attempt to emulate its international success.