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Gold Britannia 30th Anniversary Edition 1oz



    Gold Britannia 30th anniversary edition

    The Gold Britannia 30th anniversary edition celebrates a milestone for the Royal Mint’s highest denomination coin. This is a brand new coin issued by The Royal Mint. Coins will be packed loose or in Royal Mint tubes if bought in quantities of ten or more. If you’d like to protect your coins, we offer specialist coin capsules which fit perfectly.

    Limited to a mintage of just 7,030 coins, this tax-free coin provides both investment and collector opportunities.

    The unique design features a trident ’30’ mint mark on the reverse.

    History and design

    While the Royal Mint’s reputation for producing gold coins is second to none, especially with the rich history of the Sovereign coin, it had some catching up to do with mass-selling 1oz bullion coins. Weighing 0.2354 oz, the Sovereign coin is hardly easy to market-based on gold content and weight. in 1967, South Africa’s Rand Mint launched the famous gold Krugerrand as the first bullion coin to contain 1oz of pure gold. The response to such a simple, marketable product, was phenomenal. It demonstrated how simplicity can help sell a product as much as beauty, reputation and design. After years of the Krugerrand cornering the bullion market, the Royal Mint decided to have a piece of the action and launched the Britannia 1oz coin in 1987. It marked a turning point for the mint, as they became increasingly commercial in their approach to the market.

    The simple lack of second-hand Britannias on the market in the years since launch shows how desirable the coins are, that most people like to buy and hold them for a long time. For UK investor’s they provide a domestic alternative to the Krugerrand, with the added advantage of being Capital Gains Tax-free. While 2017 marks 30 years since the launch of the Britannia (and 20 years since the first Silver Britannia issue), the image of Britannia has featured on coinage for almost 2,000 years, representing the spirit of Britain.

    Our Expert Opinion

    Undoubtedly a beautiful coin to own, but is it a good choice as an investment? The standard Gold Britannia coin certainly offers unrivalled low premiums for investment purposes, but this special edition version commands a slightly higher premium. If your motivation is diversification, building a collection or you hold an interest in accumulating special edition coins, then this is a fine way to achieve that. However, we’d recommend the coin in small quantities rather than to form a large investment portfolio. Only time will tell whether the coin will fetch a superior price to standard Britannias. Certainly, the limited issue commemorative coins tend to fetch the best prices when sold privately to other keen collectors willing to pay extra for the privilege. If the additional premium isn’t an issue, you may want to consider fractional Britannias like the Quarter and Half Britannias which offer more divisibility.

    If you bought me one of these as a present, I’d be delighted!