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2020 Britannia Half Ounce Gold Coin



    2020 Gold 1/2oz Britannia Coin

    The Britannia remains the most popular coin for collectors and investors alike since its introduction in 1987. This is a brand new bullion coin issued by The Royal Mint.

    This Gold Half Ounce coin is struck in 999.9 fineness 24 carat gold. The coin was originally launched in 1987 as a 22 carat coin, with an alloy mix of copper and silver for optimum resilience. However, the purity was increased to 24 carat from 2013 to appeal to the growingly important Asian market.

    This 1/2oz version of the full Britannia is identical in design to the 1oz version, containing the Philip Nathan design of Britannia on one side and the Jody Clark portrait of HM Queen Elizabeth II.

    It has a face value of £50 which qualifies it as legal tender and therefore any value gains are completely free from any Capital Gains Tax.

    Our Expert Opinion

    The 2020 Britannia Half Ounce Gold Coin from The Royal Mint is a great investment for those looking to invest in gold, or who want a piece of British history. Struck from .9999 pure gold and with a limited quantity available, this coin holds all the magic of the iconic Britannia design, but packs it into our smaller half ounce size.

    Being half the size of it’s one-ounce big brother, provides greater divisibility and the chance to own more coins than simply sticking with the standard 1oz. It shares all the design elements of the larger coin, but more importantly, features its own £50 face value. As an investment, this qualifies for tax free status, boosting any future returns.

    For those interested in coin collections and numismatic coins, these clearly don’t offer any history. If this is your interest and building a mixed collection is your objective, you may wish to consider some of the pre-owned Sovereign coins which are around half the size again, but can be bought from a range of periods, including Elizabethan, Georgian, Edwardian and Victorian. The fact that the Britannia motif is updated every couple of years, does mean these coins do enjoy a degree of collectability, which could be a catalyst to boost value in the future.