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Metalor 50g Gold 3 Bar Bundle



    Metalor 50g Gold Bar Bundle

    This is a bundle of 3 x brand gold bars, struck in 999.9 fineness 24 carat gold and is minted by Metalor. This bundle offers you a cheaper way to buy three x Metalor 50g Gold Bars.

    The brand new Gold Bars, issued by Metalor, once again shows Metalor’s commitment to producing high-quality elegant products.

    Metalor is the Geneva-based, LBMA approved refiner of precious metal and one of the world’s oldest in this field.

    They have been producing fine gold bars of the highest quality since 1852.

    Each 50g gold bar contains 50g of fine gold.

    The front of each bar has Metalor’s signature along with a serial number and QR code. Meanwhile, the reverse features an ethical stamp.

    Each bar comes in a sealed, tamper-proof case and has a certificate of authenticity.

    Our Expert Opinion

    The 50g Metalor gold bullion bar is one of our best sellers. It combines affordability with Swiss heritage, liquidity and beautiful packaging. The Metalor name brings with it prestige, making ownership assured but also guaranteeing a strong price when it comes to sell.

    The modest size of the bar means selling to bar won’t incur any Capital Gains Tax, but owning (and selling) a large quantity of these gold bullion bars may well do, depending on the market price. Therefore, if you intend to build a large gold portfolio, it’s worth considering combining the 50g bar with some gold coins, to ensure tax efficiency upon asset disposal.

    In our opinion, buying a number of the 50g gold bars is a better investment option than owning 1 large bar like the 500g or 1kg Metalor bars. You’ll get a quantity saving on the smaller bars compared to buying just one 50g bar. The overall price may be very slightly higher than buying a 1kg bar, but the added flexibility it brings will probably outweigh that marginal saving.