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Metalor 250g Gold Bar


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    Weight 250 g

    Metalor 250g Gold Bar

    This brand new Metalor cast gold bar consists of 999.9 pure gold and comes with a unique serial number and certificate, for buyer confidence. Metalor has been producing some of the world’s finest gold bars since 1852 from their base in Geneva, Switzerland and is an LBMA approved refinery.

    When selecting which gold bar to purchase, quality, brand, purity and reputation are all considerations. While Metalor is renowned as one of the world’s leading gold producers, its bars strike a fine balance between quality and value. For this reason, they’re arguably the most popular manufacturer of gold bullion in Europe.

    Cast gold bar or minted

    There are two ways of producing gold bars. The first is known as minted gold bars, whereby individual bars are cut from a much larger sheet of gold. This gives a very clean, fine finish and is a popular method for modest size gold bars. All the Metalor bars we sell are Minted gold bars up to 100g in weight. This 250g Gold bar is the first size we offer as a cast bar.

    Cast gold bars are manufactured differently. Molten gold is poured into various sized moulds and then cooled to produce the more rugged brick-like finish. Corners tend to be more rounded, and the bars tend to appeal to traditionalists who know and desire gold bars in brick-like shape. The minted bars tend to be thinner and flatter which can be useful for storage.

    The important thing to remember is that there isn’t any difference in value between the two types. Gold content and purity is the most important factor in determining value. With these bars being stamped with a serial number and accompanied by a certificate, they always fetch a high price.

    Our expert opinion

    As the smallest cast bar Physical Gold Limited sell, the 250g Metalor gold bar is popular for those desiring the rugged looks of bars they see in films, rather than the more clinical finish of the small gold bars.

    It’s a decent option for investors seeking value, as premiums are relatively low, as you pay for the gold content and a manufacturing cost only, there’s no historical or numismatic value.

    If you’re looking to buy a larger quantity of gold, then quantity discounts can be made from purchasing a number of the 250g bars. However, it’s worth calculating whether this will be cheaper than buying 1kg gold bars which are generally cheaper due to their size.

    Don’t forget that liquidity is also important and the flexibility to sell some of your holdings if you need it. So sometimes it’s better to own several bars than 1 large gold bar, to give you options if circumstances change. Another investment strategy could be to buy silver bars, this diversifies a portfolio and a 1kg silver bar is affordable to virtually all investors.

    If you’re seeking tax efficiency, then you may want to consider combining the 250g gold bar with UK coins such as Britannias and Sovereigns. Low prices can be achieved with these coins, especially when buying in bulk, but they have the added advantage of being Capital Gains Tax free too.