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Metalor 20g Gold 10 Bar Bundle



    Metalor 20g Gold Bar

    This is a bundle of 10 x brand gold bars, struck in 999.9 fineness 24 carat gold and is minted by Metalor. This bundle offers you a cheaper way to buy ten x Metalor 20g Gold Bars.

    This 20g Gold bar is produced by Metalor, the renowned Swiss gold refinery.

    Metalor are an LBMA approved company and are one of the oldest and most respected refiners in the world having been founded as far back as 1852.

    They are one of the leading suppliers of all precious metals in the world using the latest technology to produce products of the highest quality. They are best known for their sought-after gold bars.

    Laminated and certified.

    Each bar is produced in 999.9 Fine Gold and is individually sealed in a tamper-proof case.

    The front of each bar has Metalor’s signature and the bar’s individual serial number. The rear of each bar contains a quality stamp.

    Please note that on occasion, you may receive an alternative brand of bar if Metalor are out of stock. Brands will be of equal purity, reputation and presentation. Examples would be Credit Suisse, UBS, Heraeus or Perth Mint

    Swiss Gold

    Banking and Switzerland go hand in hand but Switzerland’s history with gold is just as important.

    The original deposits in the Swiss banking system, around 1800, were predominantly gold and silver.

    Annually, most of the gold that is produced in the world goes through Switzerland.

    It refines 70% of the world’s gold in an average year. Mining companies export their product to Switzerland where it is purified to its maximum levels (.9999 or even .99999)

    Of the top 6 refiners on the LBMA Good Delivery list, 4 are based in Switzerland. This list is a quality certification of the LBMA.

    Our expert Opinion

    Switzerland is synonymous with quality, gold and investment. Owning a Swiss gold bullion bar certainly appeals to the ego as well as providing a cost-effective way of hedging with gold.

    The superb finish and casing mean that the Metalor 20g bar maintains its integrity and avoids scratches, guaranteeing a great buyback price. It’s size and shape provide a simple means of storage as they take up little space. Being of weight, the 20g gold bar provides access to the gold market for those with humble budgets but keen to get started with precious metals.

    Alternatives to this bar may be to consider tax free gold coins which are similarly small in size (and therefore offer divisibility) but also benefit from being Capital Gains Tax free. For instance, the Sovereign coin contains 7.32g of gold, while the Britannia comprises 31,103g of pure gold.

    Size permutations

    If tax isn’t a consideration, but you wish to buy gold bars with a larger budget, there are two approached. One is to buy a high quantity of little bars like the 20g Metalor, and the other is to buy a far larger bullion bar like a 1kg bar. There are price reductions for both approaches, so depending on your budget, it’s worth comparing the two.

    The advantage of the smaller bars is the flexibility to be able to sell small parts of your holding at any time. After all, we wouldn’t be keen on buying a 1kg bar that has been sawn in half if you only wish to sell part of your holding!