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Metalor 100g Gold 5 Bar Bundle



    Metalor 100g Gold Bar Bundle

    This is a bundle of 5 x brand gold bars, struck in 999.9 fineness 24 carat gold and is minted by Metalor. This bundle offers you a cheaper way to buy five x Metalor 100g Gold Bars.

    These brand new 100g gold bars produced by Swiss refiners Metalor and recognised by the LBMA, are highly regarded and liquid globally. Each bar contains 100g of fine gold and comes in a sealed, tamper-proof credit-card sized package with unique serial number and certification, for security and buyer confidence.

    Our Expert Opinion

    This is our best selling gold bar. It’s the largest bar we offer while still being produced in Metalor’s impressive tamper-proof packaging. Larger bars are offered loose with certificates, like the 1kg gold bar. In our opinion, it offers an ideal compromise between price and size.

    Optimum value and divisibility

    Unless you have a very significant sum to invest into gold, then buying anything larger than 100g will severely limit your ability to sell small parts of your holding. Just imagine owning a 1kg gold bar but wanting to sell some to realise £15k of cash flow. With the bar worth over £30k, a hacksaw would be needed – not recommended to maximise the bars value!

    Alternatively, buying small gold bars like 20g and 1oz can be a lot more expensive than buying the equivalent in bullion coins, which can have the advantage of further divisibility and tax efficiency. For those reasons, 100g seems to tick most boxes for investors. In fact, it’s the most common denomination used for our clients’ Pension Gold.

    Watch “Buying gold bars – a guide for investors”, a YouTube video from Physical Gold Ltd.

    The 100g gold bullion bar benefits from qualifying not only for your SIPP pension in the UK but also for our buyback guarantee and segregated storage facility. Our storage service is for purchases over £2,500 and suits those who want the ultimate peace of mind and security. Your gold bars will be stored in the UK on an insured, fully allocated and segregated basis. Meaning your gold’s safe in any circumstance.

    Coins versus bars?

    While gold bars can be a great value investment, the alternative when your funds stretch to this size investment and larger, is gold coins. Buying a number of UK gold coins also benefits from price reductions when compared to buying single pieces. These represent additional benefits over 100g gold bars, in that they’re tax efficient when selling as well as buying. Determining which is best, coins or bars will be based on your individual situation. After all, Capital Gains Tax is only payable when making an annual profit of more than £11k. So selling your 100g bars off strategically spread over several years, or if you only own one or two, will mean you’ll avoid the tax anyway.