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Best Value 1oz Gold Bar



    What is the Best Value 1oz Gold Bar?

    You’ll receive a 1oz gold bar of our choice from stock. All bars are 24-carat gold and manufactured from one of the world’s leading refineries. Brands will include Pamp, Metalor, Heraeus, Baird, Credit Suisse, UBS, Umicore. The bars will be pre-owned but remain in excellent condition.

    This is a great choice for those who don’t care which brand of gold bullion they receive, they simply seek the best value 1oz gold bar possible for their money.

    Why choose 1oz gold bars

    Buying 1oz denominated gold bars is arguably the most common and popular size gold bar of all. Because of their popularity, selling the bars is always easy and good prices achieved. The 1oz gold bar price is relatively low compared to smaller gold bars and coins with numismatic value. Their value is easy to track being denominated exactly the same as the gold spot price, so no difficult unit conversions are required.

    Watch our video “Buying gold bars – a guide for investors” to learn more on this topic.

    Our expert opinion

    This is an excellent way to accumulate a physical gold investment. The bars provide superb value as you’re paying based on the bullion weight rather than any numismatic value. If you really want a 1oz Metalor gold bar nicely sealed and packaged, then you’ll pay a slight premium over these best value bullion bars. There’s every chance you’ll be allocated one with the best value product anyway, or a very similar Swiss produced bar. This size of the bar provides the avid investor with great flexibility when compared to owning one large bar (like a 1kg bar). It’s always worth paying a tiny bit more to achieve this divisibility in our opinion as you may wish to sell only part of your holding in the future.

    If you intend to purchase quite a lot of gold, then you may want to consider buying gold coins which are tax efficient. While gold bullion bars are VAT exempt, profit could attract CGT if you breach your annual capital gains threshold which currently sits just above £11,000. Buying Gold Britannias or Best Value Gold Sovereigns, provides similar great value but with the added tax efficiency a larger investment needs.