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2oz Queen's Beasts White Lion Silver Coin (2020)


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    Weight 62.2070 g

    Silver White Lion Queens Beasts

    This is a brand new 2oz silver bullion coin from The Royal Mint. It represents the eighth release in the exclusive series of ten silver coins. Coins are sent in a sachet, with orders in multiples of ten coming in tubes, and orders of 200 coins being packed in an official box.

    This exciting new coin is struck to 999.9 purity silver and contains 2oz of the precious metal. Being larger than the standard 1oz silver coins allows for detailed coin design. With a face value of £5 Sterling, the coin qualifies as UK legal tender. Rather than use it to purchase goods, buyers benefit from legal tender coins being free from Capital Gains Tax, so any profits made are tax free. Coins are produced to bullion finish so they benefit from great value.


    The know familiar fifth portrait of Queen Elizabeth II by renowned designer Jody Clark adorns the front of the White Lion coin. This portrait stands out due to the dimpled background upon which it sits. The £5 denomination is confirmed around trhe edging.

    The reverse of the silver coin differentiates it from the other coins in the Queens Beasts series. Taking pride of place in the centre of the coin is the original depiction of Lion of Mortimer, clutching a heraldic shield adorned with a rose encircled by a golden sun. This combination features on badges for both Richard III and Edward IV. Not to be confused with the previously relaeased Lion of Engalnd Queens Beast which was crowned.

    Our expert opinion

    The White Lion Queens Beast silver coin represents wide-ranging appeal. For the collector, it forms part of the beautiful 10-part queens beasts series. Versions are availabel in 2oz silver coins, 10oz silver coins, 1oz gold coins and quarter ounce gold coins. So in theory there are 40 to complete the set! Their global demand and limited suply have witnessed premiums on some of the coins sky rocketing, leading to significant profits if collectors managed to buy the coin when first released.

    For coins lovers, the large 2 ounce size allows great detail in the beast design. With the main feature characters being open to interpretation, great scope for stunning designs is present. being produced by The Royal Mint means attention to detail such as the mottled background and various textures, really enahnce the quality of the coin.

    Investors have long been adding the queens beasts coins to their collections. The chance of soaring premiums in combined with the certainty of tax efficiency. Just like with the more standard silver Britannias, all the queens beasts coins are also Capital gains Tax free due to having legal tender status.