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2021 Gold Britannia tube of 10 coins

A full sealed allocation of 10 x Brand New 2021 Gold Britannia bullion coins in an official Royal Mint Britannia coin tube. Each coin weighs 1oz of pure gold (999.9) or 31.103g. This is a cheaper way of buying a tube of 10 1oz Britannias. Britannias feature a face value of £100, deeming the coins legal tender, and therefore qualify as free from Capital Gains Tax. Combined with their low premiums, the tax free nature of the Britannia ensures they’re the number one choice for UK investors.

Coin design and features

The familiar fifth portrait by Jody Clark of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is on the obverse of this coin. With the monarch’s age, this portrait (first issued in 2015) will likely be the last portrait of the Queen. The featured crown is the King George IV State Diadem, generally worn to mark the annual state opening of parliament. The front of the 2021 Britannia boasts an attractive dimpling effect around the portrait.

The reverse of this coin contains the popular design of Britannia by Philip Nathan.

The 2021 Britannia features some exciting and stunning new hi-tech features, designed to take the coin’s anti-forgery status to the next level.

The four brand new features created with Royal Mint’s cutting edge lasers are;

  1. Animated Waves A micro detailed wave background to the Britannia image on the back of the coin. Now Britannia really does rule the waves, as the background waves seem to move when the coin is angled
  2. Hologram effect Another first time feature is a small circular image on the coin’s reverse. At first glance, the image is of the familar naval trident, but when the coin is pivoted, the trident evolves into a padlock. Clearly the Mint want to be dierct by boasting of the coin’s new security features!
  3. Micro Text An additional inner ring sits within the coins main reverse text. This ultra fine detail includes the words ‘DECUS ET TUTAMEN’, which means ‘An ornament and a safeguard’
  4. Shield detailing More laser work is displayed on Britannia’s shield, which now boasts addiotnal line detailing, depicting pattern and colour

Standing Britannia

In this design, Britannia is shown standing in front of the sun, standing tall against a gale with her shield, Corinthian helmet and olive branch.

Around the design of Britannia is the legend ‘BRITANNIA 2021 999.9 FINE GOLD’

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