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2020 Quarter Ounce Britannia Gold Coin


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    2020 Gold Quarter Britannia

    The 2020 ¼ Britannia issued by the Royal Mint has a face value of £25 and contains ¼ oz of 999.9 fine gold. These are brand new bullion coins. Coins will be carefully packed loose, but If you’d like to further protect your coins, we offer coin capsules.

    The reverse contains Philip Nathan’s design of Britannia complete with shield, olive branch Corinthian shield and trident and are a complete smaller replica of the larger 1oz Gold Britannia.

    The obverse is Jody Clark’s fifth portrait of Queen Elizabeth II which is also used on all the current currency coins, portraying our current monarch in her recognisable years.

    Due to the coins face value of £25, they qualify as legal tender, and as such are CGT exempt in the United Kingdom.

    Our Expert Opinion

    These are excellent coins to add to any collection. The high-level detail is exceptional, with all the design elements of the 1oz coin, just in miniature. As an investment, the coins are very similar in size to Sovereign coins, at a quarter of an ounce. This provides additional flexibility to owning only larger one ounce coins. The bullion finish means the coins are cheaper than the proof finish coins, which really appeal more to gold coin collectors. The VAT exemption and CGT-free nature of the coin, add to its value as a tax-efficient investment. With the depiction of Britannia on the reverse benefiting from a design refresh every couple of years, it also adds an element of collectability to the coins.

    If you’re considering a significant investment, then we’d recommend combining these gold coins with the larger Britannias to reduce the overall cost per gram, and a mixture of pre-owned Sovereigns and half Sovereigns to provide balance to the portfolio.