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10 oz Queen's Beasts Black Bull Silver Coin (2019)


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    10oz Silver Black Bull Queen’s Beast

    This is a brand new 10oz silver bullion coin issued by The Royal Mint. Coins are issued in plastic capsules or 15 per box for bulk orders. Produced to high purity of 999.9, the huge 10oz Black Bull contains 311.03 grams of silver. Like the rest of the 10oz versions of the popular Queen’s Beast silver series, the Black Bull features a face value of £10, double that of it’s smaller 2oz version. Like all the British coins with a face value, the Black Bull Beast qualifies as legal tender in the UK, making it free from Capital Gains Tax.

    Our expert opinion

    The Queen’s Beast series of coins has proven extremely popular amongst both the investment community and those seeking silver collectors coins. Demand from collectors, keen to own each of the ten beasts in the series, sometimes in both 2oz and 10oz sizes, has provided a catalyst for their value. It’s recommended to snap these coins up as each 10oz silver beast is launched as premiums are relatively low while stocks last. This is especially good value due to its huge size, reducing the production cost per gram. However, we’ve seen premiums rise considerably as the next version is launched and supplies of the current beast run dry. This premium hike has witnessed buyers trying to snap up both silver versions and the gold quarter and one ounce iterations.

    As an investment, the 10oz silver Black Bull coin enjoys the demand push from collectors, but also benefits from the coin being completely Capital Gains Tax free. The face value of £10 may not seem significant but it is this ‘legal tender’ status which qualifies the Royal Mint coins as tax free. For those wishing to invest in silver but combine accumulating interesting coins, sticking to Royal Mint silver coins, especially ones which form part of a series, ticks both boxes.