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1 oz Wiener Neustadt 825th Anniversary Silver Coin (2019)


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    Weight 31.1035 g

    Wiener Neustadt silver coin

    This is a brand new 1oz Silver bullion coin from the Austrian Mint. Orders in multiples of 20 will come in tubes, and larger orders are packed in boxes of 500. This is a commemorative bullion coin and is a sister coin to the ever-popular Austrian Philharmonic coin. Each coin is minted to 999/1000 parts silver and contains 1oz of pure silver. The coins have a face value of Euro 1.50, exactly the same as the mass-produced Philharmonic.

    Wiener design

    Like the Philharmonic, the Wiener Neaustadt silver coin benefits from a stunning design. The reverse of the coin boasts a stunningly detailed traditional cityscape from yesteryear, while the obverse’s simplicity lends itself to the era it commemorates. The reverse depicts the city it celebrates, Wiener Neaustadt, first established in the year 1194. In particular, it illustrates the city’s first castle – Burg Wiener Neustadt, built around the time of the city’s initial founding. It’s situated in the state of Lower Austria just south of the capital Vienna. The picturebook city enjoys a rich history and reputation, earning it the celebration this coin brings.
    The obverse of the coin represents a simple image of a Leopold crusader, fully equipped for battle on horseback, with a shield, armour and banner. It’s also on this side of the coin that the words ‘REPUBLIK OSTERREICH’ and the coin’s denomination, metal weight and year of production are confirmed. Legend has it that Duke Leopold paid for the building of the original city with the ransom he received after kidnapping the English King Richard The Lionheart.

    Our expert opinion

    With only 100,000 made, this commemorative coin is certainly worth adding to your collection. The stunning detail and beauty of the main image contrast well with the deliberate simplicity of the crusader image, which makes the coin feel like an ancient coin. The Philharmonic coin is one of the most popular choices for 1oz silver coins on the continent, so we expect this spin-off to be in high demand also.