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1 oz Marvel's Captain America Silver Coin (2019)


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    Weight 31.1035 g

    1oz Captain America Silver Coin

    This is a brand new silver bullion coin, limited in mintage to just 50,000 pieces. The coins come in plastic capsules or foil wraps of 20 coins and boxes of 100. Each coin contains 1oz of silver, struck to 999.9 purity by the world-renowned Perth Mint. This is an official Marvel comics product, manufactured on behalf of the tiny Polynesian island of Tuvalu.
    The Captain America silver 1oz coin is the sixth and final release in a series celebrating Marvel superheroes. It follows the success of the Spiderman, Thor, Black Panther and Deadpool coins. Coins are carefully released to capitalise on the Marvel movie releases of the same name. Like all our silver coins, we can exclusively deliver them VAT-free.

    Captain America

    The concept behind the Captain America character is to create the ultimate patriotic superhero. First appearing in Marvel comic book as far back as 1941, the American themed hero has proved his popularity and longevity with American audiences. In particular, stories involving Captain America fighting the axis of evil during World War II, really resonated with US spectators during war times.
    The character was the first from Marvel to feature outside of the comic format, appearing in a number of films from 1941 onwards. With the launch of the Marvel film Captain America: The First Avenger in 2011, the character’s appeal hit new heights with international audiences.

    Coin Design

    The coin successfully captures the essence of the character, with a large depiction of the superhero on the coin’s reverse. The design features Steve Rogers as Captain America, ready for combat in his suit emblazoned with the predominant Star on his chest and large ‘A’ on his face mask. He holds aloft his synonymous shield, also including the star. The patriotic stars continue in part of the background, with the words ‘Marvel’ and ‘Captain America’ also feature on the coin reverse.

    Our Expert opinion

    We expect this silver coin to be as popular as its predecessors in the series, especially with it being the last in the set. With a limited mintage of only 50,000 coins, expect this collectable coin to be sold out relatively quickly. Marvel have cemented their reputation and built a new younger audience with the recent smash hit films, so we expect this growing interest to fuel demand in these coins.