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1 Kilo Kookaburra Silver Coin (2020)



    2020 Silver Kookaburra

    This is a brand new bullion finish silver coin. Bulk orders will be packed in foil trays on ten.

    This huge 1KG Pure Silver Kookaburra coin issued from the Perth Mint depicts the native Kingfisher bird. The sheer size of the coin allows for impressive detail of the 2020 Kookaburra image on the reverse, and Queen Elizabeth II’s 5th portrait on the obverse. The coin has a face value of $AUD30.

    Coin history and mintage

    First issued by the Perth Mint in 1990, the Silver Kookaburra benefits from an annual design update of the native bird and relatively low mintage. Both factors contribute to them trading higher and be more collectable than many silver bullion coins. The 1 kilo version is the daddy of the series, with the coin also being minted in 10oz, 2oz and 1oz versions. To celebrate 25 years of issuance, the 2015 coin featured the exact design of the original 1990 Kookaburra.


    Australia’s proud association with its unique and impressive fauna is celebrated in many areas of antipodean life, notably on its coins. The Kookaburra is a terrestrial tree kingfisher native to both Australia and Papa New Guinea. The relatively small bird has a distinctive chirp which is commonly used as stock rainforest sound effects. In fact, its habitat is quite varied, between savanna, rain forest and even suburban trees. The carnivorous birds like to eat insects, small rodents and reptiles.

    Our Expert Opinion

    Certainly, an impressive coin to add to your collection. Great aesthetically due to the detail of the Kookaburra, but also immensely satisfying to hold due to its 1 kilo weight.

    As an investment, the large size reduces the manufacturing cost per gram compared with a smaller 1-ounce coin. Usually, investors are forced to purchase silver bars to achieve economies of scale, but this manages to provide cost savings while still being a coin. As a non-UK coin, it isn’t Capital Gains Tax (CGT) free for UK buyers, who may wish to consider UK coins such as the double-sized 2oz Dragon Queens Beast, the limited issue Silver Lunar 1oz coin, or the best selling 1oz silver Britannia coin. Don’t forget that everyone is permitted just over £11k annual gains before paying CGT, so foreign coin only become taxable if you own a large quantity and decide to sell at a profit all at once. Selling some each year or combining with UK coins, will indirectly ensure you still keep tax efficient.