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1 Kilo Koala Silver Coin (2019)


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    Weight 1000.0000 g

    Silver Koala 2019

    This is a brand new bullion finish silver coin. Bulk orders will be packed in cardboard trays of ten, individually in plastic capsules.
    This huge 1KG pure silver Koala coin issued from the Perth Mint depicts the famous Koala Bear. The sheer size of the coin allows for impressive detail of the 2019 Koala image on the reverse, and Queen Elizabeth II’s 5th portrait on the obverse. The coin has a face value of $AUD30. The Koala is one of a range of Australian bullion coins celebrating their proud and unique wildlife produced in gold, silver and platinum, which include the Kanagroo and the Kookaburra coins.


    The 2019 Silver Koala benefits from an updated Koala design on the reverse of the coin.The size of the coin permits lovely detail of the Koala sat on a branch of its favourite eucalyptus tree. A border around the main image hosts the words ‘AUSTRALIAN KOALA’ at the top of the coin and the bottom features confirmation of the year of mintage, weight, purity and metal.

    Our expert opinion

    The 1kilo Koala coin is a great choice for those desiring a large coin made by a renowned mint. Its size and high purity mean the buyer achieves good value. The Koala coin is well-known and easy to sell and shoudl appeal to investors and collectors alike. For UK investors seeking larger silver investments, focussing on UK legal tender coins like the silver Britannia is a tax efficient method.