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Metalor 10g Gold Bar

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Metalor 10g Gold Bar

The 10g Gold bar is produced by Swiss refiners Metalor and recognised by the LBMA, and can be traded anywhere globally. Each brand new bar contains 10g of fine gold and comes in a sealed, tamper-proof credit-card sized package with unique serial number and certification, for security and buyer confidence.

Our expert opinion

As a brand, Metalor hits the sweet spot for investors. Swiss manufacturers have an unrivalled reputation in this space for producing quality, high purity gold bars. That reputation provides the buyer with peace of mind, but also the reassurance that it will fetch a good price when selling. The sealed packaging with serial number provides further comfort of authenticity and provenance. As one of the most popular gold bar brands, Metalor bars are mass produced and better value than competitors like Pamp, who charge a premium.

As a gift for a friend or family, it provides a unique and impressive choice, but also a thoughtful one to encourage children to start building a nest egg for their future. The 10g gold bar affords a talking point as recepients are always keen to show it off.

As an investment, its cost effectiveness will depend on the size of the overall outlay. For any investor with £1,000 or more seeking efficiency, and as much gold for their money, it may be a wiser choice to buy larger gold bars which reduces the price paid per gram. There are also price reductions if buying larger quantities of 10g bars in any one purchase. Therefore it may be wise to accumulate cash to buy as many as possible in one go to achieve discounts. The disadvanatge when buying larger bars like the 1kg gold bar is one of a lack of divisibility. Even if you’re certain you won’t need to sell part of your portfolio for several years, owning just 1 large piece of gold doesn’t afford you to sell a portfion of your investment, even if circumstances change. We’d always recommend striking a balance between overall cost and owning as many pieces of gold as possible.

At 10g in weight, the other main investing alternative wuld be the Gold Sovereign coin, which is 22 carats and provides 7.32g of gold. We compare gold bars versus gold coins here. Generally, while Sovereign coins aren’t packaged impressively like the Metalor bars, they can be bought at lower premiums and have the advantage of being Capital Gains Tax free.

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Weight:10 g
Dimensions31.5 x 18.5 x 1.1 mm
Pure Gold Content (g)10

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