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Dragon Queen’s Beast

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Dragon Queens Beast Gold Coin

Continuing the popular new Queen’s Beast Royal Mint series, the Dragon Queens Beast 1oz Gold bullion coin is the third of ten. After the initial launch in 2016 of the Lion Queens Beast, the Dragon is the second launch of 2017 after the Grffin Queens Beast. The Royal Mint plan to continue launching the 10-part series, with two issues per year up to 2020, with the final single issue of the White Horse of Hannover in 2021.

Reimagined by renowned designer Jody Clark, the Red Dragon of Wales represents the third of the ten heraldic beasts which stood guard at Queen Elizabeth’s coronation in 1953.

The plaster models can still be found, now housed at the Canadian Museum of History in Quebec, with replicas standing in Kew Gardens.

The 1oz fine gold coin has a face value of £100 and therefore is free from Capital Gains Tax.


The Dragon is arguably the best known and most legendary mythical creature of all. Games of Thrones has certainly helped reignite the fascination amongst today’s TV addicts. Hundreds of vaieotoes have been depicted over centuries, but all share common themes of being scaly and reptilian in look, with the innate ability to breath fire and fly. The version used on the Dragon Queens Beast gold coin ticks all these boxes, with the addition of a shield of arms, split into quarters with each displaying a miniature dragon. The Dragon has been used on many previous occasions on UK coinage and arms, including the Celtic dragon, representing strength and sovereignty. Text around the coin says “Red Dragon of Wales”.

Our expert opinion

Demand is growing fast for the Queen’s Beast series.The design itself is stunning and engaging, adding to the coin’s desirability and ongoing demand. We feel this is a shrewd strategy by the Royal Mint. They have years of experice in knowing what sells but have really upped their game over recent years. This coin is both limited in issue and part of a very collectable series. Both of these elements convert enthusiastic gold buyers and will enahnce growth and returns over and above the gold content itself. The fact that the coin’s produced in 24 carat gold, widens it’s appeal further to the hugely significant Asian market which means coins sell out fast, further pushing up possible returns in years to come. As a 1oz coin, production is relatively efficient compared with smaller coins, so any premium paid for exclusivity is kept to a minimum due to its size.

If maximizing the quantity of gold is your biggest objective, then consider teaming this coin with the 2017 Gold Britannia which comes in at lower premiums as it’s not as collectible. Combining these with the other Queen’s Beasts series and possibly the Gold lunar series such as the Gold Lunar Rooster coin will produce a great mixed portfolio of 1oz tax free gold coins.


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