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Pension Gold

With up to 45% income tax relief on SIPP gold investments and gold prices as they currently are, now is the perfect time to invest in pension gold. As market leading gold investment brokers, we are perfectly placed to source the best investment gold on your behalf.

As experienced gold brokers, we have the widest choice of pension providers in the industry. Our significant purchasing power means we can obtain the best possible purchase price for your pension gold.

Whatever the amount is that you’re looking to invest, our experienced team are here to manage the entire process on your behalf. Contact us today to discuss your requirements, whether you want to start your first pension, wish to switch your current pension, or simply add physical gold to your existing SIPP.

  • Safest form of gold investment, with no counterparty risk
  • Qualifies for your SIPP of SSAS
  • Gold is stored in a leading, UK LBMA approved warehouse
  • Gold bars are fully allocated and segregated
  • Individual retail size bars provide ability to part-sell your holding

Gold receives the same tax relief as other qualifying assets, when bought as part of a pension. That’s 45% off the price of gold for top rate taxpayers. And any price gains are sheltered from Capital Gains Tax.

While portfolio management costs, on paper assets, have steadily escalated over the years, there are no such costs on gold bullion.

The sheer amount of different assets, allowed into a SIPP, means you can achieve more balance within your portfolio. And more balance, means fewer nasty surprises when other assets drop in value. Gold is especially appropriate for those entering the last 10 years prior to retirement, who are looking for some protection of their pension value.

Gold can also provide a great hedge to riskier asset classes, for those a little younger, seeking capital growth. Physical gold provides balance because, unlike other assets, there’s no counter party risk. It also tends to rise in value when many of the traditional assets fall, providing the portfolio insurance every pension should have.

The recent volatile economic conditions have perfectly illustrated how traditional assets can all move down in value together, shrinking pension pots and leaving most people concerned about the reduced standard of living they’ll achieve once retired.

A Self Invested Personal Pension (SIPP) can house both traditional assets like bonds, shares and cash, together with all qualifying alternative assets such as commercial property and gold. This means you won’t need several pensions holding various types of assets. Everything can be held under one roof.

Simple set up & plenty of choice

You can either add physical gold to your existing SIPP (if they’re approved by us), or we can help you set up a brand new pension from our list of over 15 pension providers. You may wish to seek an Independent Financial Advisor (IFA) of your own to guide you through the risks and rewards of the various asset classes, before you make any decisions.

Ultimate gold security

Physical Gold bars are the most secure method of gold investment, as there is absolutely no counterparty risk. Your pension gold is stored in the one of the UK’s leading, London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) approved depositories, with full insurance through Lloyds of London. We operate on a fully allocated and segregated basis, providing you with the ultimate security.


Your gold will be in the form of retail size bullion bars, providing you with the flexibility to sell any part of your gold holding at any time. These bars are fully allocated to you and segregated from other holders. This means that your gold is safe from any other investors, is not on our balance sheet or that of the storage facility.

Gold bullion can also be purchased within a Small Self-Administered Scheme (SSAS) if you have a small company scheme and seek balance, growth and protection.

Investors in the USA may wish to learn how to invest into a Gold IRA.