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Buying VAT free silver bars online is an easy way to invest in silver and, when you buy from Physical Gold, comes with all of the benefits of using a trusted silver bar dealer. Not only do we store your silver holding offshore to ensure your investment is VAT free but we also offer a range of silver bar sizes to fulfil your order meaning we can satisfy any budget for silver investment. Silver bars are a good partner for investing, along with gold, to diversify a traditional portfolio of paper assets. Buying VAT free silver bars also offer the additional benefit of providing greater value for money but not all silver bar dealers can offer this saving.
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Unlike investment gold, when you buy silver bars in the UK, they are not exempt from VAT and attract an additional price of 20% on top of the silver price. Irrespective, the demand for silver bullion and silver coins is on the rise. At Physical Gold, we wanted to offer investors the opportunity to benefit from building a diverse portfolio without paying VAT. To that end, we can offer VAT free silver bars for sale in the UK by allocating our clients storage in the Channel Islands. Because the bullion never enters mainland UK, it remains VAT free.
high security storage vat free silver bars
Bars stored with Physical Gold are segregated in high-security, specialist commodity vaults. Image via Flickr.
When you buy silver bars through Physical Gold, we allocate and segregate each individual investment in fully insured and professional vaults. Situated in the Channel Islands and covered by the BSIA (British Security Industry Association), our partner vaults are fully secured and ringfenced. Upon receipt of your purchase you will receive a certificate of authenticity, statement of account, and a storage agreement, which provides you with legal ownership of the silver bars, UK VAT free.
As with gold, producing coins has a higher relative cost of production than manufacturing bars. Using economies of scale, silver bar manufacturers can reduce the individual mark-up on each piece of silver and pass these on to the consumer. Combined with the fact that we can supply VAT free silver bars, the comparative costs for the same quantity of silver in coins would be much higher. This means that silver investors can secure much larger increments.
Silver bars for sale in the UK are not automatically exempt from VAT and using a silver bar dealer does not guarantee your investment won’t enter the UK mainland. If it does then you will be liable for payment to the UK government. When you buy silver bars from us we manage the logistics of handling your purchase to ensure that your order is fulfilled at the best price, securely allocated to you and never enters the UK mainland.
metalor swiss silver bars
Our silver bars are made by Swiss manufacture, Metalor to premium investment grade 0.999. Image via Metalor.
It is also important to remember that storing silver is not as easy as storing gold as the relative size and quantity of your purchase (remember that silver is much cheaper than gold) is greater. As a result, offshore vaults not only offers greater security and VAT benefits but also eliminates any storage problems. Minimum Investment Due to the additional paperwork involved coupled with the logistics of storing a silver holding for you offshore, a minimum investment of £5000 is recommended. The size of this investment in bars needn’t put investors off diversifying into silver as there are other options available. We can also offer VAT free silver coins delivered direct to your door. Prices for our VAT free silver coins start at around £20. We also sell pre-owned, collectible and limited-edition silver coins including the Silver Britannia. The Silver Britannia is sold Capital Gains Tax (CGT) free making it another option for investors looking for their cash to go further. With the returns on silver investment becoming for attractive, a CGT free investment might just offer greater financial stability in the long term. Big potential gains The price of silver has always been much lower than gold but retail investment has seen improvement in the last five years. Though a volatile market, silver investment offers a low entry point for many investors with the potential for big returns. Silver is another finite resource and is being widely exploited in industrial processes with many of its uses being one off. Without being recycled, silver resources are in high demand. Balancing Your Portfolio Choosing to invest in silver or gold is very much down to a personal preference in objectives and your appetite for risk but, whilst we do not offer financial advice we find that most customers prefer to buy silver bars alongside a balanced portfolio of precious metals to provide greater flexibility. We provide all of our customers with free access to our Gold & Silver Investment Tips, Advice & Market News to help you make sense of the markets you are investing in.

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VAT free silver bars will be bought at the London Silver fixing +15% on the day funds clear to as near to your purchase value as possible. We may purchase various size bars from 1kg to 100oz to fulfil your order.

Why Silver

Silver has traded for thousands of years alongside gold. However, retail investment in silver is many years behind gold in its development. We’ve seeing a growing trend towards silver over the past 5 years as more investors to realise the benefits of silver.

Many are attracted by the fact that being the most conductive of all metals, silver is extensively used in electronics. The digital age is creating new technologies every year, which in turn increases the industrial demand for silver. With silver trading at around eighty times cheaper than gold, it also seems very undervalued, meaning investors can purchase the metal at bargain prices. Historically this ratio has been closer to 15:1.

Silver and VAT

However, unlike investment grade gold, silver doesn’t benefit from a VAT exemption. Despite the additional 20% on the price, demand for silver coins and silver bars has been growing steadily. This product is designed to create the opportunity of buying physical silver bars, without paying the VAT.

Purchasing a quantity of silver bullion through us will mean you own allocated investment bars, stored offshore in professional vaults and fully insured. Because the bars don’t come onto the UK mainland, you as the buyer are not liable to pay VAT. You receive a certificate of authenticity, statement of account, and a storage agreement, which provides you with legal ownership of the bars. As they’re segregated from everyone else’s silver, your holding is completely ringfenced and secure.

Why Silver Bars

With silver so cheap, the relative cost of production of a 1oz silver coin is far higher than that for gold. Therefore, the premiums to buy silver coins are far greater than equivalent gold coins. Buying silver bullion enables the investor to purchase much larger increments of silver, thus lowering the markup on each piece of silver. Buying silver bars will reduce the cost compared to buying the same quantity in silver coins.

Our expert opinion

Due to the paperwork and logistics involved in storing your silver offshore, the minimum purchase amount is £5,000. If you’re just starting in silver investment or have more modest means, then purchasing silver coins may be a more viable option. Investing in VAT-Free silver coins can start from around £100, and you’ll be able to receive these direct to your door. If this route appeals, we think you can’t go wrong with Silver Britannias which are also Capital Gains Tax free.

However, if you’re seeking value for money, the silver bars offer the most silver for your investment.

Silver is more difficult to store than gold due to the larger quantity you get for your money. With our silver bullion product this is all done for you. If it’s ease and peace of mind you seek, then VAT-Free silver bars tick that box.

With the growing trend for investing in silver, this can be a very easy way to get started. In our opinion silver represents an opportunity for greater returns than gold, however it is also more volatile. Your choice between buying silver and gold may come down to your risk appetite and objectives. Purchasing a mix of both precious metals is our recommendation to achieve a balanced precious metals portfolio.