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2oz silver bullion coins are an excellent way to invest in silver. They are relatively affordable for most collectors being much smaller than 10oz silver coins, and are also fairly liquid, meaning that you can sell them quickly should you need to raise the cash. More and more investors are turning to silver bullion, in particular, silver coins as a way of diversifying their investment portfolio, hoping to capitalize on the constant fluctuation in the silver market. Whilst silver is considered a slightly riskier investment than gold, it can potentially provide a greater opportunity for higher returns as there are more dips and rises in the market.
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Queen's Beasts Silver Coins

2oz Silver Unicorn Queen’s Beasts 2018

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Queen's Beasts Silver Coins

2oz Silver Queens Beast Dragon Coin 2017

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Bullion coins offer slightly more flexibility than investing in silver bars as investors can sell one or two coins fairly easily without having to sell the whole amount like you would with a silver bar. Silver bullion coins also have a guaranteed purity and are backed by the government which means you can always be sure of the quality and amount of silver you are getting in each coin. There are also certain tax advantages that come with some bullion coins as they are considered legal tender meaning they can be purchased capital gains tax-free. If you’re looking to purchase silver as an investment, then bullion coins tend to be a better option than collectors coins as they don’t require the same level of research before making your purchase and they are also more widely available. They are also available at a lower premium than collectors coins as they don’t have the same historic value. Many precious metals experts predict a strong future for silver as there is growing industrial demand for the metal. Due to the fact that silver is a finite resource and could potentially run out one day, it provides an excellent store of value in much the same way as other precious metals such as gold or platinum. This is why the metal is often used as a hedge against inflation or for extra protection during times of economic uncertainty.
The 2 ounce silver coins available through Physical Gold include our stunning range of Queen’s Beast coins, currently the only silver coin produced by the Royal Mint available in 2oz weights. These stunning coins have a face value of £5 and a silver purity of 999.9. Silver Bullion coins purchased through Physical Gold are sold in brand new, mint condition and can be delivered swiftly and securely direct to your door completely free of VAT.
If you would like any further advice on how to invest in silver or investment tips, Physical Gold provides a wealth of information completely free of charge. Simply call 020 7060 9992 or view our contact page, we are very easy to contact!

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2018 Black Bull 2oz Silver Coin

The Black Bull of Clarence is the fifth release in the Queen’s Beasts collection, released by The Royal Mint. This is a brand-new bullion finish coin, issued by the Royal Mint. The coins are issued without expensive presentation boxes to maximize the amount of silver for your money. Coins will be packaged loose for small quantities and orders of 10 or more may come in Royal Mint tubes, ans monster boxes contain quantities of 200 coins.

This coin is struck in 999.9 fine silver and has a face value of £5. The significance of the face value is that it qualifies this coin as legal tender, and therefore is free from Capital Gains Tax.

Both the obverse and reverse have been designed by Jody Clark offering a lovely consistency rarely seen on coins which useually feature separate designers for each face.

The reverse is Black Bull of Clarence holding a coat of arms and the words ‘BLACK BULL OF CLARENCE-2oz-FINE SILVER-9999-2018’.

The obverse is the fifth portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, which is shared with all the current crop of UK coins.

Our Expert Opinion

We love everything about these coins. Their double size (two full ounces rather than the standard 1oz of the Britannia) is impressive and satisfying heavy to handle. They manage to bridge the gap between investment coins and collectors coins womderfully.

As a silver investment, the coins remain divisible, rather than buying large silver bars, they’re produced to bullion rather than proof finish (offering value), and any gains made on the coins are tax free. The limited issue of the coins combined with being part of a ten coin series, makes the coins extra desirable. Due to this, they benefit from a strong silver collectors bid, which in turn enhances the coins as an investment as high demand and limited supply inevitably pushes up prices, especially in years to come when the coins are more difficult to source.

For a balanced portfolio, it would be perfect to combine these coins with the lower cost standard silver Britannia. If you enjoy owning a variety of coins, then we’d strongly advise also buying coins from the fantastic silver lunar series, also issued by thte UK Royal Mint.