Physical Gold Direct Privacy Policy

The Physical Gold website is an eCommerce store for the sale of gold, silver and other precious metals. We appreciate that regular visitors to our site, will want to sign-up for an account with us, which requires entering and storage of personal information. In addition, from time to time, payments will be made too. With all this in mind, we would like to inform all visitors that their information is securely stored and in many cases, is encrypted and not actually directly accessible by us. Physical Gold take your security seriously and you can rely on it with any activities between us.

It is important to us that both visitors and customers feel safe and secure and that their information remains private and confidential. This Privacy Policy has been created to reflect our commitment to data privacy and reasons behind why we retain data. We ask all visitors to carefully read through this policy to make sure you are comfortable with everything before continuing to use our site.

We assume that all visitors to the Physical Gold website will have read and fully understand this privacy policy. Please direct any questions, queries or concerns to us through our contact page.

Privacy & Cookies
We take your privacy seriously, please read this privacy policy

What data does Physical Gold collect?

Physical Gold like most websites collects data about visitors and their browsing habits when they visit our site. Data collected includes a unique IP address, which gives information about where you are located (just general area). Using IP information, we could for example personalise your view based on pages previously visited and many sites use this for language preference setting.

Our website will be able to identify a unique visitor via their IP address, but this is anonymous. Physical Gold will use information determined from cookies purely to improve and optimise the overall user experience. For general background and guidance, we have provided further information about cookies and their use in the section below.

Physical Gold use of cookies

Most sites use cookies, these are invisible to users and are small files used by web browsers (Google Chrome, Safari, etc.) usually for speed efficiency. Cookies are saved both on the Physical Gold server and the device of users and will be used each session (visit) to provide a personalised experience which is optimised for speed.

Cookies are useful in terms of our understanding of pages users visit, their preferences and how we can provide a personalised experience.

Privacy & Cookies
Physical Gold use cookies for the smooth processing of web transactions

There are in most cases two cookie types used on websites:


1)    Session cookies

A session cookie is temporary and only lasts for a single visit to the Physical Gold website. As soon as you leave the session, the session cookie will disappear.


2)    Persistent cookies

This type of cookie is permanent (called persistent) and will reside as an electronic file stored within your browser. Persistent cookies are the type, which allow us to personalise your experience on future visits.


Cookies are recommended but 100% optional

The use of cookies is totally within your control, all visitors can block them by setting options within their browser settings. Note, visitors using more than one browser would need to set cookies for each browser.

The blocking of cookies on the Physical Gold website will not cause a fundamental issue with using the website, but may mean certain functions are restricted and that the experience is not as personalised as it could be. In addition, all visitors would need to login each visit as the login cookie would not be accessible.

Your data: our guarantees

Physical Gold will not sell visitors website data, all information received will be securely stored until we take the decision to remove it. All data disposals will comply with the requirements of the Data Protection Act, 1988. On occasions it may be beneficial for us to pass data to a third-party, in such cases we would always seek your prior approval.

Use of third party links

Around our website there will be links provided to other websites. This is done to provide access to complementary content and services from around the internet. This should not be taken as an affiliate link or any kind of endorsement, unless we overtly state this. Physical Gold takes no responsibility for content found on these external websites.

Privacy Policy changes

Physical Gold reserves the right to and will make amendments to this privacy policy from time to time. All visitors are recommended to check this page often to view any recent changes to this policy.

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