VAT-free Silver explained

VAT-Free silver

VAT-Free silver is now within your reach.

You’ve probably heard about gold offering balance and portfolio protection,

but have you heard about our exclusive benefits of silver?  

  • VAT-Free bars if stored
  • No CGT on certain coins
  • VAT-Free coins delivered to your door

This means you can make significant savings, on any gains, given the current tax rates.

Video Transcript:

You’ve probably heard that gold offers portfolio protection, but are you aware of the benefits of silver?

Silver is used in most new technologies, due to its unrivalled ability to conduct electricity. And because Industrial demand for silver increases with each new technology, the price of silver also increases.

Balance is often a common investment objective. By splitting your precious metal holdings between gold and silver, you’re further diversifying your wealth, providing more protection.

With silver prices currently very low, and supplies being stretched, silver is a fantastic opportunity to save for your future and capitalise on potential price increases. specialise in making it easy to invest in physical silver coins, and bars, without paying any UK V-A-T. 

Our silver coins are uniquely sourced, which means for those wanting delivery to their home, UK VAT doesn’t apply due to EU tax laws. The silver Britannias are also free from Capital Gains Tax, as they’re classed as legal tender.

And It’s also possible to obtain tight margins on large silver bars, whilst still being tax efficient. With, your silver bars are stored and segregated, at our facility in the Channel Islands and are exempt from UK tax.

So if you’re seeking a similar safe haven to gold, but at a much cheaper price, VAT-free silver provides the potential for even greater returns. – Sourcing top quality silver bars and coins without the V-A-T.

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