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How Physical Gold Ltd is making physical ownership of gold accessible to the UK public

While awareness of gold has risen dramatically over the past 18 months, many investors still remain uncertain as to the best ways to invest in gold.

Physical Gold Ltd can help you understand gold as an asset class and how it can provide balance and protection as part of a portfolio, especially when bought as a tangible asset.

The company aim is to make physical ownership of gold accessible to the UK public – dispelling its perception as an elitist asset. It makes sense to truly own the gold rather than a paper asset, if you want to hold the ultimate safe-haven asset.

Physical Gold’s customers achieve this through tax-free methods of investment, which are simple and transparent. There is no minimum or maximum investment and you can even drip-feed money into gold as a regular investment through our Gold Accumulation Account.

If you’re looking to move stagnant bank deposit money over into tax-free gold coins,

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Physical Gold provides access to a range of global coins. Alternatively, you may desire a 40 per cent discount off the price of solid gold bars, by balancing your pension portfolio with bullion. Physical Gold has partnered with Pointon York Sipp Solutions, one of the leading alternative asset self-invested personal pension (SIPP) providers, to offer one-ounce gold bars into UK pensions.

Whether it be UK or foreign coins, solid gold bars, bullion or numismatic coins; our gold experts are here to help select the best combination of these for your particular portfolio, to maximise returns and meet your needs.

The fact that gold has performed so well again this year is very reassuring. As the ultimate safe-haven asset, it would cause concern if it didn’t rise in this climate. We all agree the economy won’t heal overnight and, with unemployment yet to peak, things are likely to get worse before they get better. Even when we do start to see consistent growth in 18-24 months, the threat of high inflation looms. Both these scenarios are incredibly supportive of the gold price, meaning it’s a great time to buy right now.