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Gold bullion coins differ from collectible coins as they are struck specifically for the gold investment market and are not released into circulation. Due to their high availability, gold bullion coins make an ideal starter coin and offer an easy way to either begin building a new gold holding, or adding to an existing one. At Physical Gold we offer a range of gold bullion coins from the current year issues to pre-owned investment coins. Highly divisible and very liquid, bullion is a popular way to invest in gold and is available at reasonable buy in prices making it an accessible way to buy gold whatever your budget.
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Gold bullion coins are a way to diversify your portfolio and add divisibility. Image via Flickr. An ideal starter bullion coin are those that are issued each year by the Royal Mint. Most are free from collectible premiums and provide a suitably low cost option for investments. Readily available to meet the high investment demand for gold bullion coins, coins such as the Sovereign, the Gold Britannia and Half Sovereign (as well as their derivatives) are UK Tax free and also exempt from Capital Gains Tax. Buying gold bullion coins online is an efficient, fast and cost effective way to start your gold holding with orders delivered direct to your door. Many investors choose gold bullion coins as a way of maintaining flexibility within their investment portfolio as coins offer the ultimate divisibility when it comes to selling your gold. Though gold bullion coins are more expensive to make than the equivalent weight of a gold bar, they do not carry the premium that rare and collectible coins do. Limited edition, proof and commemorative coins are produced in restricted numbers affording collectors a degree of scarcity that increase the value (and the cost) of the coin. Gold bullion coins do not have this additional value in-built.
As well as UK gold bullion coins, we also include a number of the world’s most well recognised gold bullion coins, including the South African Gold Krugerrand. Investors who wish to diversify their assets even more can take advantage of the lower margins offered against some of these coins. The choice of coin entirely depends on your budget, taste and personal preference for your investment. Gold Britannia The Gold Britannia is a popular investment gold bullion coin due to the fact that it is both UK VAT and Capital Gains Tax free. As a result, we find that many small business owners choose to invest company money into these bullion coins in order to take advantage of the tax benefits. Available in a variety of sizes, the Gold Britannia was introduced in 1987 in direct response to the South African Krugerrand’s popularity. Originally minted using 22-carat gold, the Gold Britannia is a 1 oz gold bullion coin that has been struck in 24-carat gold since 2013. Sovereign & Half Sovereign The Sovereign is one of the world’s best known gold bullion coins and has a strong international reputation in both the collector’s markets and investor’s markets. Holding good value and offering excellent buy-in rates, the sovereign and half sovereign bullion coins provide a secure asset with enhanced divisibility. Like the Britannia, they are completely tax free. The Krugerrand cornered the market, dominating 90% of the bullion market in 1980. Image via Flickr. South African Krugerrand First minted in 1967, the South African Krugerrand is one of the most successful gold bullion coins in history, accounting for almost 90% of the bullion market in the first 13 years of its mintage. Since the Royal Mint launched the Gold Britannia and other mints adopted a 1 oz 24-carat bullion coin, the Krugerrand has lost its monopoly on the market but is still an internationally recognised investment coin and has a strong appeal.
As well as choosing which coins to invest in, customers will also want to consider how they store their gold bullion coins. Whilst all orders through Physical Gold can be delivered to your home using fully insured couriers, it is advised that you have a safe and secure place to secure your gold coins. This could either be in a safe at your home or business address or via a safety deposit box facility. If you are storing gold bullion coins (or other precious metal) in a private or commercial address then you will need to ensure that your home or business insurance provides adequate cover. For orders over £2,500, we offer the facility to store your bullion coins on your behalf in our specialist vaults.
Here at Physical Gold, we provide all our customers with free market information including the current price of gold as well as gold & silver investment tips, advice & market news. However, inexperienced buyers may find it useful to take advantage of our expert advice before making any purchase. It is common for investors to adopt a strategy of investing in a diverse mix of gold and silver, buying bars, bullion and coins to lend flexibility and security to their assets.

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