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10oz Queen's Beasts Griffin Silver Coin (2018)


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    Weight 311.0350 g

    2018 Queen’s Beast 10oz Silver Griffin

    The 10oz Griffin of Edward III is the second design in The Queen’s Beasts series issued by The Royal Mint. This is a brand new silver bullion coin. Coins are packed individually in protective plastic capsules, with bulk orders in boxes of 15.

    The griffin was a mythical creature that was part eagle and part lion and was the heraldic symbol of Edward III.

    Each coin contains 10oz of fine silver and has a face value of £10.

    The obverse of this coin features Jody Clark’s familiar 5th portrait of Queen Elizabeth II.

    The reverse, again designed by Jody Clark, contains a griffin holding onto the House of Windsor shield, with a background depicting chainmail. The Queens’s beasts series of coins is rare in this respect, with most UK coins mandating different designers for front and back.

    The inscription around the coin says, ‘GRIFFIN OF EDWARD III-10oz FINE SILVER-999.9-2018.’

    The initials of Jody Clark also appear below the design.

    Our Expert Opinion

    Joining the other 10oz silver Beast coins of the Dragon, Lion and Unicorn, the 10oz Silver Griffin appeals to those keen on owning every coin in the set. As a silver collectors coin, this coin’s immense size and design appeal greatly. This demand also supports prices for silver investors. As a UK Royal Mint coin with a face value, investors like this coin as it’s free from Capital Gains Tax. A huge advantage over non-UK coins or silver bars. The coin is minted to bullion standard rather than proof finish which lowers the price of the coin. The coin’s value is further increased by its huge stature. This reduces the relative production cost when compared to smaller 1 or 2oz silver coins.

    We’d definitely recommend trying to own all the coins in the series as whole collections may well be worth more in the future than individual coins. The limited nature of the coins will also likely increase premiums on the coins as the year’s pass and supply become more scarce.