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Mixed Year Britannia Tenth Ounce Gold coin



    Gold Britannia Tenth Ounce coin

    The Britannia Tenth Ounce has a face value of £10. It’s the smallest denomination of the Gold Britannia series, and the rarest. All our pre-owned coins undergo strict quality checks by our team of experts to ensure their condition is excellent. Coins will be carefully packed loose.

    Previously issued in 22c purity, the Royal Mint has updated the purity to 24c since 2013.

    The obverse illustrates a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, while the reverse features Philip Nathan’s classic design of Britannia holding a trident.

    The picture illustrates the type of coin you’ll receive, not the exact item. All our pre-owned gold coins have to pass our strict multi-point checks to ensure they are of very good condition.


    The Britannia features the familiar portraits of Queen Elizabeth II on its front. The back of the coin acts as an exact replica of its big brother the 1oz Gold Britannia, managing somehow to maintain the complex detail of the varying Britannia designs. This makes the coin particularly impressive in its fine detail. The figure of Britannia has historically represented the British Isles and is an image used and referred to regularly in the world of commerce to represent traditional British values.

    The original Britannia motif featured on the first coins in 1987 was a standing version, and that remained for a decade when a new version was introduced. New exciting designs have been introduced to the Britannia range on alternate years since, including a chariot riding edition and close up version. The regular updates ensure the coins maintain a high degree of buyer interest, both as an investment and for those seeking to own all the various designs.


    Introduced as both a proof and bullion coin, the Britannia was launched to rival the success of the first real gold bullion coin, the Krugerrand. Mintage figures are always lowest for the smaller fractional coins like quarter and tenth ounce, making these coins harder to source than their more mass produced full-size iterations. Proof coin versions were released every year, mainly as part of a set of 4 Royal Mint Britannia coins. Bullion versions have been produced in low quantities (in the thousands) most years since launch.

    Our Expert opinion

    The diminutive nature of the tenth ounce gold Britannia makes it a very affordable starting choice for those looking to own a beautiful old coin. Owning them as part of a larger collection certainly produces a lot of flexibility and divisibility compared to those owning huge gold bars. At between two to three times smaller than a Sovereign coin, tenth ounce coins are the smallest we offer.

    Premiums for smaller coins are higher than for larger coins due to relative production cost. Therefore, we’d recommend those looking to build a larger holding in gold to combine such small coins with larger 1oz gold coins and Sovereigns.

    The 1/10 Britannia benefits from being legal tender in the UK due to its face value, so any profits are free from Capital Gains Tax. This in itself, makes it attractive for investors. Its stunning and frequently updated designs also appeals to a niche of the gold collectors market, boosting prices in particular for heard to source years.