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2021 Britannia Gold Coin Bundle

The Britannia remains the most popular 1oz gold coin for collectors and investors alike. This is a bundle of 2 x brand new coins, struck in 999.9 fineness 24 carat gold and is minted by The Royal Mint. This bundle offers you a cheaper way to buy 2 x 1oz Gold Britannia Coins. The Britannia coin capsules can be ordered to protect them.

As with all UK currency coins, the Gold Britannia is CGT exempt and VAT free in the UK and European Union.

The familiar fifth portrait by Jody Clark of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is on the obverse of this coin. With the monarch’s age, this portrait (first issued in 2015) will likely be the last portrait of the Queen. The featured crown is the King George IV State Diadem, generally worn to mark the annual state opening of parliament. The front of the 2021 Britannia boasts an attractive dimpling effect around the portrait.

Britannia reverse

The reverse of this coin contains the popular design of Britannia by Philip Nathan.

In this design, Britannia is shown standing in front of the sun, standing tall against a gale with her shield, Corinthian helmet and olive branch.

The 2021 Britannia features some exciting and stunning new hi-tech features, designed to take the coin’s anti-forgery status to the next level.

The four brand new features created with Royal Mint’s cutting edge lasers are;

  1. Animated Waves A micro detailed wave background to the Britannia image on the back of the coin. Now Britannia really does rule the waves, as the background waves seem to move when the coin is angled
  2. Hologram effect Another first time feature is a small circular image on the coin’s reverse. At first glance, the image is of the familar naval trident, but when the coin is pivoted, the trident evolves into a padlock. Clearly the Mint want to be dierct by boasting of the coin’s new security features!
  3. Micro Text An additional inner ring sits within the coins main reverse text. This ultra fine detail includes the words ‘DECUS ET TUTAMEN’, which means ‘An ornament and a safeguard’
  4. Shield detailing More laser work is displayed on Britannia’s shield, which now boasts addiotnal line detailing, depicting pattern and colour

Around the design of Britannia is the legend ‘BRITANNIA 2021 999.9 FINE GOLD’

Why it was launched

In basic terms, to compete with the Krugerrand. The South African coin was the first bullion coin to hold exactly 1oz of gold and after its launch in 1967, it managed to dominate the ever-growing gold investment market. With their roots firmly in tradition, the Royal Mint were perhaps slow to recognise and capitalise on the growing demand for bullion coins. Exactly 20 years after the Krugerrand launch, the Mint eventually launched the 1oz Britannia coin as a direct competitor to the more-established coin.

Good move

I bet they’re pleased they did now, as the Gold Britannia has grown into one of the most popular coins globally, successfully spreading the MInt’s name worldwide. While the Britannia certainly dominates the UK market, the Krugerrand still holds great recognition and appeal, especially on the continent. The Royal Mint’s desire to appeal to the global market was demonstrated when the Britannia swapped from a 22 carat coin to fine gold (24 carats) in 2013. Te lucrative and expanding Asian precious metals market generally will only buy pure gold.

We often get asked “Gold Britannias or Gold Sovereigns – which is the best investment?”, so learn more in our YouTube video.

Variety of Britannia coins

Due to the popularity of the 1oz gold Britannia coin, several other versions have been spawned. The gold version is available in Half, Quarter and tenth ounce sizes, to complement the larger 1oz coin. These can be bought in bullion finish or in proof sets which command a premium due to finish and presentation. The smaller coins can appeal both to collectors and modest investors who seek smaller, more affordable individual coins.

Special editions

In recent years we’ve also witnessed beautiful special edition 1oz iterations. Last year witnessed the 30th-anniversary limited edition of the coin which commanded a premium over the mass-produced version. This year, in very limited quantity, the Royal Mint has launched a version with an oriental style border, no doubt to further appeal to the Asian market.

And now in silver

A decade after the Gold Britannia launch came the 1oz Silver Britannia. In a similar fashion to it’s older gold cousin, the 1oz silver coin has become the go-to coin for those investing in silver. The coin is mass produced to reduce cost and provide great value for money. As a legal tender coin, it also attracts no Capital Gains Tax.

Our expert opinion

The newest version of the Britannia 1oz gold coin is always one of our best sellers. Quite simply, it ticks all the boxes. For investors, the 1oz size reduces production cost when compared to smaller coins. It’s mass produced at the Mint and finished to bullion standard, lending itself to a value investment. For UK investors, the £100 face value can be a huge cost saving when it comes to selling. That’s because the face value qualifies the coin as legal tender and therefore the Treasury can’t tax you on any Capital Gains made when selling the coins. Quantity discounts run deep too, so you’re rewarded with reductions as you increase the amount you buy. When selling, the Britannias also pay well.

The best bit..

Of all the 1oz coins, the Britannia tends to have the fewest churners. In other words, most people buy and hold, and look to pass them down the generations. So there is very rarely a glut of pre-owned coins coming onto the market. This provides great support for the second-hand price. With the coins now being 24 carats (since 2013), there is also a strong bid from China, further enhancing demand and growth potential.

The Britannia doesn’t neglect to tap into the collectors coin market either. The symbol of Britannia is creatively updated every few years so that the various issues remain distinct and appealing. The special edition versions like the oriental edge and 30th-anniversary edition, further attract buyers.

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Weight: 31.21 g
Dimensions 32.21 mm
Manufacturer Royal Mint
Precious metals content (g) 62.206
Fineness 999.9
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