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2oz Silver Queens Beast Dragon Coin 2017


    Categories 2oz Silver Coins, Silver Queen's Beasts Coins.
    Weight 62.2070 g

    Silver Dragon Queens Beast

    Marking the 3rd in the Royal Mint Beasts series of ten coins is the Queens Beast Dragon 2oz Silver bullion coin. Reimagined by renowned designer Jody Clark, the dragon represents the third heraldic beasts which stood guard at Queen Elizabeth’s coronation in 1953. The series is notable for being the first official UK 2oz silver coin struck and issued. The plaster models can still be found, now housed at the Canadian Museum of History in Quebec, with replicas standing in Kew Gardens. The 2oz fine silver coin has a face value of £5 and therefore is free from Capital Gains Tax. The Red Dragon of Wales was first released in March 2017 and comes in tubes of 10 or boxes of 20 tubes, depending on order quantity.

    The Queen’s Beasts silver coins are a reflection of the Royal Mint’s increased desire to market their coins globally. Encapsulating British history, the Mint’s renowned high-quality finishes, limited issues and collectability, the Mint knows the coins will appear to a wide audience, including the lucrative Asian precious metals market.

    Our Expert Opinion

    At double the size of the popular 1oz Silver Britannia, the Silver Queen’s Beasts Dragon coin feels and looks satisfying. Its larger size allows both increased design detail to smaller coins and lowered production costs. We think this is a great coin to add to a coin collection and as a UK investment. As part of a limited edition series, the coin’s premium will no doubt rise quicker than mass-produced coins in the future due to limited supply and collectability. With its legal tender status and our VAT-Free delivery, it provides an extremely cost-effective and tax-efficient entry point into the world of silver investment. It may be worth combining this coin with others in the series like the Silver Griffin, or indeed coins from the silver Lunar series.