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Perth Mint 1oz Silver Bar


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    Weight 31.1035 g

    Perth Mint 1oz Silver Bar

    This is a brand new 1oz silver bullion bar. Bars are packed twenty per tube, with large orders coming in monster boxes of 10 tubes. Silver purity is 999.9 and the face value is 1 Australian Dollar. Issued by the Perth Mint in Australia, these ‘coin bars’ are shaped like a minted bar but have a face value like a coin. The Perth Mint is wholly owned and guaranteed by the Government of Western Australia.

    The obverse of the silver bar features a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, set on a radial design. Country of mintage, year of issue, weight and purity are all written on the obverse, spread above and below the central portrait. The reverse of the 1oz silver bullion is where it really demonstrates its individuality. A stunning dragon winds down the entire length of the bar.

    Why is the face value of interest?

    While a 1 Dollar face value may not seem exciting initially, it actually provides a huge saving to buyers. By featuring a face value, usually only seen on bullion coins, this silver bar qualifies as VAT free. That saving of 20% plays a significant role in enhancing returns if you’re focused on silver investment, rather than just collectability. This unique combination of coin and bar features, together with its beautiful design and finish, explains why they’ve been such a popular choice amongst our customers.

    Other Perth Mint silver coins

    As well as the 1oz silver bar, Perth Mint also mint other popular silver coins, which are available here at Physical Gold. These include Kangaroo (also 1oz), Kookaburra (we supply  1oz10oz and 1KG silver coin versions)  as well as Koala (we supply 1oz and 1KG) silver coins.

    Our Expert Opinion

    These bars are incredibly popular to both investors and collectors. Premiums are low for these bars so good value can be achieved despite their relatively small size for silver bars. The 1oz weight provides accessibility to the market for those with modest means and divisibility to sell part of your holding rather than be stuck with one huge 5-kilo silver bar. Clearly the VAT-free nature of the bar appeals for those wishing to take possession of silver bullion but avoid paying VAT. The dragon design and the limited mintage of 500,000 attract those also interested in collectable silver coins and bars.  For those seeking to invest large quantities into silver, we’d recommend combining these bars with UK coins such as silver Britannias, to also benefit from Capital Gains Tax free coins.

    Contact Physical Gold Limited today to buy 1oz Silver Bars

    Buy 1oz silver bars from Physical Gold Limited today and receive\ excellent value for money buy. If you need to speak to us we are only a phone call away on 020 7060 9992, or you can email us instead at https://www.physicalgold.com/contact/.

    If you ever do have 1 oz silver bars for sale, we can also buy them. For Perth Mint silver bars bought from Physical Gold Limited, we offer a buyback guarantee.