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2018 1oz Silver Maple Leaf Coin


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    Weight 31.1035 g

    Silver Maple Leaf 2018 coin

    The Maple Leaf has long been one of the most recosgnised and respected bullion coins of the world. The Royal Canadian Mint were pioneers of producing the highest fineness coins with the gold Maple Leaf being one of the first to boast ‘four nines’ purity. The silver version contains exactly 1oz of pure silver and comes individually in sachets or in tunes for orders in multiples of 25, or boxes of 500. The diameter of each coin is 38mm with a depth of 3.15mm. The coin benefits from a face value of 5 Canadian Dollars.

    Coin design

    The reverse of the silver Maple features the world-recognised depiction of the Maple Leaf – The national emblem of Canada. The coin weight and fineness are embalzoned around the edge of the image, with ‘CANADA’ occupying the top of the coin back.

    The front of the coin features the Canadian design of Queen Elizabeth II, a much more dated image than the officail fifth portrait of the Queen, adorned on current Royal Mint coins. As part of the commonwealth, the Queen features on a majority of the Mint’s coins. The monarch’s name features above her portrait, with confirmation of the face value and year of issue underneath.

    Our expert opinion

    The Maple Leaf is a great international choice for silver investors. The coin is well known around the world, so liquidity and portability rate highly.  It’s mass production and simple bullion finish mean the coins can be produced at low cost and are therefore one of the best value silver coins around.