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100g Silver Bar


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    Weight 100.0000 g

    100g Silver Bullion Bar

    This is a brand new 100g silver bar produced by acclaimed bullion specialist Argor-Hereaus.  The bullion bar is minted rather than cast so the finish of the bar is precise and neat with rounded corners and a polished flat finish. The bars are packed in a plastic blister pack for protection and are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. The purity of the silver is 999.9 which is confirmed with a stamp in the centre of the bar as fine silver. It is the smallest size silver bar in this particular series, with other sizes of silver bars ranging from smaller sizes to 1kg and up to a whopping 5kg.

    Unique silver bars

    This series of silver bars produced by Hereaus for the Republic of Fiji is unique as they qualify as silver coins, as well as silver bullion. We call them ‘coin bars’ as they are silver bars in all but name. However, the fact that the bar has a face value (in this case of 1 Fijian Dollar), means the bar is legal tender and therefore can be called a coin. In fact, the 100g silver bar features the words ‘100g coin’ above its purity level, validating its unusual status. The top of the bar is imprinted with the Fiji coat of arms and confirmation of its 1 Dollar denomination. Meanwhile, the bottom of the bar boasts a delightful depiction of a classic South Pacific sailing boat, reaffirming the silver bar’s exotic nature.

    Why is the ‘coin bar’ status important to me?

    Very simply, the coin status, combined with our careful sourcing, triggers an EU tax treaty which means you can order these silver bars from us without incurring VAT. This is a huge 20% saving which historically was only possible by purchasing silver bars and keeping them off-shore. This range of silver coin bars has been extremely popular due to this tax advantage as it appeals to silver investors seeking value but who also appreciate having the physical metal in their possession.

    Our Expert Opinion

    The Silver coin bars are an excellent choice for those seeking personal possession of silver bullion without having to pay VAT. Taking delivery is not only tax-efficient, but also saves the ongoing fees associated with storing silver offshore in a vault. The 100g silver bars are small enough to offer a high degree of divisibility for most investors. If this is important to you, to provide selling flexibility, you may also want to consider buying silver Britannias. These are 1oz in weight, roughly a third smaller than these silver bars. As legal tender within the UK, they’re also Capital Gains Tax-free for UK investors, significant if the silver price rises as dramatically as most experts expect.

    If you like the idea of the VAT Free silver bars and are willing to compromise come of the divisibility to gain further value, then buying some of the larger denomination silver coin bars will help achieve this. Speak to us at Physical Gold Limited on 020 7060 9992 to clarify buying options including buying gold bars too (such as the Metalor 100g gold bar).