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10oz The Valiant Silver Coin (2018)


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    Weight 311.0350 g

    Silver Valiant 2018

    This is a brand new 10oz silver coin from The Royal Mint. This huge coin is produced to a fine silver purity of 999.9 and therefore contains a whopping 311 grams of silver. This coin has launched to much excitment, being a brand new coin from the Royal Mint. Like all the Royal Mint silver coins, the 2018 Valiant has its own face value – in this case £10. The advanatge of the face value is its consequence of qualifying the coin as Capital Gains Tax free. Coins will come individually in plastic capsules with orders of 15 coming in boxes.

    Valiant Design

    The Silver Valiant is one of the most striking silver bullion coins on the market. Its use of various textures and finishes, including frosting, means the immense coin is very tactile. Its large size enables extravagant detail from designer Etienne Milner. The rear of the coin features a re-imagination of the classic St.George slaying the dragon. The very epitome of British noble courage, the legend has been popularised through its appearance on the back of the the famous Gold Sovereign.

    A dimpled background sets the backdrop for the main image on the reverse of Saint George on his rearing horse, thrusting his lance into a dragon. The horse is finished in a matt frosting while George and the Dragon both boast a polished finish. The wording ’10oz Fine Silver 999.9′ adorn the coin reverse, along with the yearof issuance. The obverse features a polished Queen Elizabeth 5th portrait, familiar on other current issues.

    Our Expert Opinion

    The popularity and familiarity of George slaying the Dragon from its Sovereign fame has led to alot of interest in this brand new coin. Silver coin collectors will snap this coin up but we also anticipate its popularity amonst those focussed on silver investment. Its face value deems the coin completely tax efficient and its large size enables a lower prodcution cost than smaller 1oz silver coins.