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1oz STAR WARS The Clone Trooper | Silver | 2019


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    Weight 31.1035 g

    Clone Trooper Coin

    This is a brand new silver bullion coin minted by the New Zealand Mint.  Limited to a mintage of just 250,000, the 1oz silver coin is produced to a fineness of 999.0. With a face value of 2 NZ Dollars, the coin follows on from the popularity of the Darth Vader coin. Coins come in tubes of 25 and boxes of 250.

    The New Zealand Mint have a fine reputation for producing licensed themed coins, with ranges including Star Wars, Star Trek, Disney, Doctor Who and DC Comics.

    Coin Design

    The 2019 Clone Trooper silver coin displays Queen Elizabeth II on its obverse set on a matt background. The collectable silver coin really comes to life on its reverse wiith the iconic Clove Trooper runnign into action equipped with assualt gun. . Included is both a New Zealand Mint stamp along with Lucas Films copyright to confirm the coins official licensed status.

    Clone Trooper background

    A soldier of the Star Wars Grand Army of the Republic, the Clone Troopers are genetically modofied humans cloned to represent thew Galactic Republic in the Clone Wars. Embedded computer chips are programmed to make the Troopers kill the Jedi once their mission is complete. They only became known as Storm Troopers after the Republic became the Galactic Empire.

    The Clone Troopers are featured in Episodes II and III of the main StarWars series, in ther animated Clone Wars film and related TV series.

    Our Expert Opinion

    With Star Wars as one of the largest franchises known to man, this coin benefits from huge mass appeal from both film enthusiasts and coin collectors. With reasonable prices on launch, its certainly worth adding this coin to your collection, especially in a sealed box of 250 which will likely fetch huge premiums in the future.

    Investment Alternative

    For those focused purely on silver investment, the UK tax free silver coins like the Silver Britannia have the added incentive of being Capital gains Tax free. Combining mass produced UK coins with limited issue collectors coins such as this Star Wars coin,  as a great way of building a mixed and balanced portfolio well positioned for silver price gains as well as scarcity appreciation.