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1oz Perth Mint Silver Emu (2018)


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    Weight 31.1035 g

    Silver Emu 1oz coin

    This is a brand new silver 1oz bullion coin produced by the world renowned Perth Mint of Australia. Coins are depatched in foil packs of 20 and bulk orders are packed into boxes of 100. Smaller orders are packed loose. The Perth Mint’s reputation for manufacturing high quality coins as supported by their unique financial guarantee by the Western Australia Government.
    With a maximum mintage quantity of 30,000, some would regard the Silver Emu as something of a collectors edition. Certainly they’re rarer than the mass produced animal related coins of Australia such as the Kangaroo. As with the other coins in the range, the Emu is produced to a high purity of 99.99%. The Australian coins are probably more syonymous and representative of their country of origin than any other set of silver bullion coins.
    The obverse of the coin features the now familiar latest portrait of Queen Elizabeth, although its certainly not as up-to-date as the 5th portrait featured on the Royal Mint coins. A distinct thick border around the portrait displays the name of the monarch, country of origin and face value of 1 Dollar. The face value qualifies the coin as legal tender for Australian residents.
    The reverse of the coin is where the coin really comes to life. Australia’s proud love and associaytion with their flora and fauna is yet again celebrated with the new Emu coin. The main image shows a large powerful Emu, striding across the Australia Outback. A band across the top of the image confirms the coin name ‘ Australian Emu’ and a small mint mark ‘P’ underneath, confirms the Perth Mint’s involvement. Below the Emu is written confirmation of the year of issue, weight, purity and metal.


    Not only are Australia proud of their animals, but many of their indigenous species are either exclusive to the country or most associated with it. The emu is no exception with it being wide spread across the entire country. The birs has been referenced in indigenous mythology and featured in several coats of Arms. It’s the second biggest bird in the world, after the Ostrich. The birds reach a height of around 6 feet, are capable of travelling huge distances and can sprint up to 30 mph when needed. Their travel range and ability to go weeks without water, makes them resilient to Australia’s harsh demands.

    Our expert opinion

    This new coin will prove popular to collectors more than silver investors. The limited mintage will no doubt lead to tight supplies of the coin, fuelling desire and premium. The coin perfectly complments other celebrated Australian animals such as the Koala, Kookaburra. If investment is your main objective, then we’d recommend combining these lovely coins with some mass produced coins with super olow premiums to balance the portfolio between ‘collectors premium upside’ and ‘bullion coin value’. By selecting UK coins such as the popular Britannias, you’ll also benefit from the coins being legal tender in the UK and qualifying as Capital Gains Tax free. If you love limited issue coins with unique designs but like the idea of being tax efficient, then consider also adding coins from the silver lunar series and queens beast range.