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1oz Kookaburra Silver Coin (2019)



    2019 Silver Kookaburra 1oz

    This is a brand new silver bullion coin issued from the Perth Mint of Australia. This is Australia’s offical mint and is wholly owned by the Goverment of Western Austrlia. Each coin comes in a plastic capsule or in foil packs of 20 coins, or boxes of 100 coins. These beautiful coins are struck to the highest purity of 999.9 fineness and contain 1 troy ounce of silver. The coins are legal tender in Austrlia and have a 1 AUD face value.

    Coin Design

    The obverse of the silver Kookaburra features Queen Elizabeth looking right as you look at the coin with full crown and necklace. Around the edging is confirmation of the monarch, the word ‘AUSTRALIA’ and finally the face value if 1 Dollar. The reverse of the coin takes the same form, with wording around the edge and image in the centre. The name ‘AUSTRALIAN KOOKABURRA’ sits proudly around the top, with the year of issue, weight, purity and metal confirmed along the bottom. The stunning image of the Kookaburra bird, a type of KingFisher, perches on a branch which is half submerged in water.
    Like all Australia’s gold and silver coins, the Kookaburra celebrates some of the finest flora and fauna the country has to offer. The Kookaburra is native to Australia and it’s name derives from the onomatopeic expression of its distinctive call.

    Our expert opinion

    Another desirable coin from the Perth Mint. The detail of the Kookaburra bird is impressive, silver content is high and the coin trades at reasonable premiums. This is definitely worth adding to your collection. See if you can accumulate all the flora and fauna Australia has to offer!