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1 Kilo Silver Koala Coin 2018


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    Weight 1000.0000 g

    Silver Koala 2018

    This is a brand new bullion finish silver coin. Bulk orders will be packed in foil trays on ten.
    This huge 1KG pure silver Koala coin issued from the Perth Mint depicts the famous Koala Bear. The sheer size of the coin allows for impressive detail of the 2018 Koala image on the reverse, and Queen Elizabeth II’s 5th portrait on the obverse. The coin has a face value of $AUD30. The Koala is one of a range of Australian bullion coins celebrating their proud and unique wildlife produced in gold, silver and platinum, which include the Kanagroo and the Kookaburra coins.

    Mintage and Design

    The Koala coin features a different image each year of the famous Austrlian native animal in an outback setting. This enhances the collectability of the series and therefore the demand for the coin. The range consists of 5 sizes; 1kg, 10 ounce, 1 ounce, half ounce and 1/10 ounce, all struck to bullion standard in 99.9% pure silver. First released in 2007, this year markes the tenth anniversary of what is a popular foreign silver coin. Mintages remain relatively low compared to many other international issued coins at around 20-50,000 annually, ensuring a favourable supply/demand dynamic. The huge size of the coin also allows production costs to be lower than smaller 1oz silver coins.
    The weight and quality of the Silver Koala is guaranteed by the Australian Government.

    The Koala

    The Koala is famous the world over and is known as well as the Kangaroo as part of the Australian fabric. While everyone is accurate in associating the Koala with Australia, its only native habitat, most of us incorrectly call the animal a bear. While its friendly and cussly looks resemble that of a bear, the Koala is in fact a an arboreal marsupial, with its closest relative being the wombat. Weighing no more than 15kg, the animals have thick grey fur with some white and occasional brown. They most commonly live on the east and southern coasts of the mainland. As tree dwellers, they’re found in coastal woodlands, with their diet consisting of the leaves of eucalyptus trees. With relatively low nutritional value, the koalas sleep for a majority of the day.
    Like kanagroos, the Koala is a marsupial, so they have a relatively short gestation period with their young (also called Joeys) being born before full development and subsequently sending the next 6 months in its mother’s pouch.